About Computer Science Department

The Computer Science program prepares students to be active participants in the expanding information revolution, and to use computers in solving the problems of modern life. The program provides an in-depth study of the theory, design and applications of computer systems. Students develop the skills needed to design, create, administer and apply such systems to any field. Graduates will be able to step into careers in many sectors of society such as banking, health care, education, manufacturing, retail, advertising, and the government.
The Computer Science Department at Effat University offers an excellent education in the field of Computer Technology. To do this, we are committed to:
  •  Providing learning experiences that are engaging, challenging, up to date with advances in technology, and connected to the real world.
  •  Providing an open and nurturing learning environment that promotes the intellectual as well as the personal growth of our students.
  • Providing leadership and guidance on the social responsibilities of CS professionals, including participation in research and service activities.



To offer a distinctive Computer Science program educating globally responsible citizens of the future who will provide creative, optimal computing solutions, while respecting values of the society.



To provide a holistic education that truly reflects the vital role of Computer Science in all aspects of life in par with the international standards. The Department aims to equip visionary leaders with the technical and research skills required to turn technology-consumer societies into technology-producers, who perfectly integrate their society’s needs and values.



Our main goal is to provide a holistic education conforming to international standards which reflects the ubiquity of the discipline in all aspects of life, and to prepare leaders who are competitive in their job market and who possess wide and long-term vision with the technical skills necessary to facilitate the transformation of societies of technology consumers into societies that produce technology that is perfectly integrated with the society’s need and values.