The Testing Center at Effat University serves both the university campus and the community. It provides new applicants with English and Math placement tests, offers students a variety of international tests such as SAT, iBT, TOEIC, and Holland Test, and administers yearly the Saudi Admission Test (Al Qodurat and Al Tahseely) to more than 16000 students in cooperation with the national provider Qiyas (National Center for Assessment in Higher Education).

Facilities include a large - desk hall for paper-based tests and a computer lab for Internet-based testing, and proctoring services for external tests, such as with distance-learning examinations.

The Testing Center pursuits to improve and standardize the quality of assessment at Effat University and to become a leading center in extending assessment services and measurement expertise to educational institutions and the community at large in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.
The Testing Center provides assessment and evaluation support to academic units and to foreign testing organizations through the administration and collection and processing of test data. The Testing Center works with faculty and administrators to facilitate initial student assessment for appropriate course placement using standardized placement tests, and terminal assessment through final examinations. The assessment and evaluation structure at the Testing Center follows internationally recognized standards of high quality testing to ensure the reliability, validity, and correlation of test scores that serve to measure and support the effectiveness of instruction in Effat University and to contribute to its overall vision of improving learning.