Effat University is member of the Global Liberal Art Alliance, GLAA.  The GLAA is an international, multilateral partnership of American style liberal arts institutions. There are presently 29 institutions representing 17 nations in the Alliance membership, and Effat University is the only Saudi University in the Alliance.
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As Effat University is keen to be merged with multicultural environments in order to exchange new understanding and grow Effat’s internationalization through effective academic channels and world-wide learning.
From this perspective,  Summer 2016, two Effat faculty, Mrs. Terumi Tayer- Instructor of in the General Education Department, and Dr. Wejdan Felimban- Assistant Professor in the Psychology Department, have participated in the in the Global Course Connections (GCC). Through this international leaning experience, the students and the faculty members were able to be introduced to a new vision and perspectives between based on shared courses and curricular.


Admission Criteria for Effat Students:
  • Complete Effat GLAA Application, please click here to download.
  • Complete GLAA Application, please click here to download.
  • Enrolled Effat Student (Saudi or International)
  • Test score (iBT 79, IELTS 6.5). The score has to be presented with the application
  • Cum GPA: 3 out of 4 or above
  • Completed at least 16 credits
  • Two recommendation letters
  • Application fee of SR 500


  • If the student is not covered by the Ministry Education Scholarship, she will be responsible for paying the tuition fees at Effat for the study abroad courses.
  • The student is responsible for living and travel expenses, medical, and visa process.
  • The students can benefit from this program for only two semesters within two years and receive a certificate as a global scholar.
  • Deadline Application: At least six months before the institution’s admissions deadline.


International Universities with the Global Liberal Arts Alliance that are eligible by the Ministry of Education:
  1. Albion College, United States
  2. Allegheny College, United States
  3. American University in Cairo, Egypt
  4. American University of Beirut, Lebanon
  5. American University of Paris, France
  6. DePauw University, United States
  7. Franklin University, Switzerland
  8. Hope College, United States
  9. John Cabot University, Italy
  10. Kalamazoo College, United States
  11. Kenyon College, United States
  12. Lingnan University, Hong Kong
  13. Oberlin College, United States
  14. Ohio Wesleyan University, United States
  15. Wabash College, United States
  16. College of Wooster, United States
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Application Deadline:
Applications accepted all year round.
Admission Criteria and Requirement for Overseas International Students:
  • Complete Effat Application Form – non-refundable $ 107, please click here to download.
  • Complete GLAA application, please click here to download.
  • Official letter from the home university approving your courses at Effat
  • Official Transcript
  • Two recommendation letters
  • Complete Effat Medical report
  • Complete visa application for international students 
  • Copy of a valid passport (front page)
  • Prove of English:
    • Test score  (TOEFL 79/IELTS 6.5)
    • Studied in English
  • Minimum/ Maximum course credits (depends on the home university)
  • We accept exchange tuition fee.


Academic Schedule:

* Courses are subject to change.

  • Effat International Office accept exchange tuition fee in Fall Spring semesters.
  • Once all the required documents are received, the student will receive a Financial Claim Letter, which states a breakdown of one semester tuition accommodation and services.
  • Once the payment is received, Effat Government Affairs Office will request a student visa to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • The student visa approval requires 6 to 8 months minimum.
  • Once Effat receives the approval of the student visa from the Ministry of Foreign Affair, Effat will send a copy to the student.
  • In order to issue the visa, the approval letter and the passport are required by the Saudi Embassy at the student’s home country.
  • Accommodation – Effat Student Residence: All international students who are recruited from outside Saudi Arabia and are granted a student visa under Effat sponsorship are expected to live in Effat University’s residence.
  • Residency Card- Iqama: All international students are required to have health coverage for the duration of their stay. Then, they need to complete a second medical investigation to issue the residency card.



Effat International Office accepts students from the following universities:ffat International Office accepts students from the following universities:

  1. Al Akhawayn University, Morocco
  2. Albion College, United States
  3. Antioch College, United States
  4. Allegheny College, United States
  5. American College of Greece, Greece
  6. American University in Bulgaria, Bulgaria
  7. American University in Cairo, Egypt
  8. American University of Beirut, Lebanon
  9. American University of Nigeria, Nigeria
  10. American University of Paris, France
  11. Bratislava International School of Liberal Arts, Slovakia
  12. Denison University, United States
  13. DePauw University, United States
  14. Earlham College, United States


15. Forman Christian College, Pakistan

16. Franklin University, Switzerland

17. Hope College, United States

18. International Christian University, Japan

19. John Cabot University, Italy

20. Kalamazoo College, United States

21. Kenyon College, United States

22. Lingnan University, Hong Kong

23. Oberlin College, United States

24. Ohio Wesleyan University, United States

25.  Wabash College, United States

26.  College of Wooster, United States

27. Ashesi University College, Ghana

28. FLAME University, India