Accommodation – Effat Student Residence: All international students who are recruited from outside Saudi Arabia and are granted a student visa under Effat Sponsorship are expected to live in Effat University’s residence.


The Effat University Student Residence offers: a buffet-style restaurant for chef-prepared meals between 6 a.m. – 10 p.m. Laundry rooms and shared kitchens for snacks and sociable cooking. Bedrooms are equipped with internet connections, cable, private bathrooms. Single and double rooms are available in small, medium and large sizes.

The Residence is a real ‘home from home’ – you’ll soon settle in with housemothers to help with practicalities, security is on duty for 24/7 to keep you safe, and on-call transportation for personal trips.

Residence Fees:

Room Type


Single Small

$ 3,733

Single Medium

$ 4, 000

Single Large

$ 4,533

Single Extra Large (40 M²)

$ 4,800

Double Large (per person )

$ 3,466

Residence Insurance

$ 266



Airport Transportation:

Transportation for arrival and departure between King Abdulaziz International Airport and Effat University is provided free of charge

Additional Trips:

Additional transportation needed within Jeddah, and Saudi, can be provided by using local public taxi services or transportation companies including, but is not limited to: Uber, Careem, Easy Taxi, and London Taxi. All these transportation companies operate by a mobile app.