The 13th Learning and Technology (L&T) Conference, which is one of the first forums for multi-dimensional technology to emerge in the region, surveys cutting-edge research on multi-dimensional computing and learning technology. It provides a unique opportunity for researchers, practitioners, and policy-makers to explore the future of this billion-dollar industry. Among the many topics addressed are the significant innovations and challenges ahead, as well as what can be expected in future permutations of multi-dimensional technology.
Multi-dimensional technology can be integrated with other technologies to make a huge impact on teaching and learning by providing students a different view and implementation to data, information and collaboration. It has a strong possibility of improving learners using data visualization. 
3D and 4Dtechnologies have gradually started developing in the market and pose a huge potential in the coming future. 3D and 4D technology marketsare mainly driven by the entertainment industry, which provide a new experience of visualization for the same world in three dimensions. Recent development inthe 3D content and 3D related equipment and services has further boosted the acceptance of the 3D and 4D technology products among the consumers.
The overall 3D and 4D technology marketsare segmented into three major segments – product type, application, and geography. All the segments are separately classified in the report. The 3D & 4D technology marketsare expected to reach up to $470.86 billion by 2020, at an estimated CAGR of 26.84% from 2014 to 2020.
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