Effat University is situated on the site formerly held by Dar Al Hanan, the first girls’ school in the Kingdom and which was founded by Queen Effat. The campus buildings were constructed beginning in 1980, with a total land area of 82,000 square meters. A University Projected Space Program was developed based on the Space Program for 1000 students in each college i.e. a total of 3000 students for three colleges of the University.
Imperatives or decision drivers based on the university’s vision and mission statements were developed as a guide to prioritize the needs. Developing new facilities and renovating the existing facilities have been considered as essential opportunities to foster and sustain a sense of campus unity through an attractive and well-conceived relationship of a natural and built environment.
The renovation and modernization effort needed to bring the facilities up to the standard of a leading academic institution includes the following:
  • College of Science and Humanities
  • College of Engineering
  • College of Business 
  • Graduate Studies and Research Institute
  • General Administration Building
  • Governance Board Room
  • Student Life Center
  • Central Library
  • Extension Programs Center
  • Testing Center
  • Student Residence
  • Faculty Residence
  • Effat Hall
  • Open Auditorium
  • Athletics Facility
  • Infrastructure Projects
  • Scientific Courtyard
  • Architecture Building
  • Effat Restaurant
  • Stationery and Bookstore