The vision of Effat University’s Research and Consultancy Institute is to be a leading institute of applied research and professional services that is the catalyst for positive change and sustainable development.
The mission of Effat University’s Research and Consultancy Institute is to perform innovative, relevant and meaningful applied research to solve social and economic problems by applying state-of-the-art methods and technologies consistent with local culture and traditions.
  • To be a leading centre of excellence in research and consultancy with an international outlook.
  • To attract the best researchers from local as well as international pools of talent who would like to conduct research in areas of interests identified by the University based on national needs.
  • To become financially viable and independent through client funded research and consultancy services.
  • To collaborate with local and international institutions for shared research objectives and programs.
  • To develop and sustain a dynamic research culture that supports creativity and value creation for both the clients and the University.
  • To develop state-of-the art facilities for productive research.
  • To implement a governance and organizational structure that enables effective and efficient decision making.
  • The RCI provides the necessary support for Effat’s researchers by setting up an organizational structure and drafting policies to initiate and manage research activities in the University.
  • The RCI distributes research grants (20,000 SAR) and conference participation grants (6000 SAR) under a competitive process with applications accepted all year round.
  •  The RCI manages various Research Centre under its umbrella. Currently, we are developing:
    • Smart Buildings Research Centre
    • Virtual Reality Labs Research Centre
    • E-Arabization Research Centre
    • Entrepreneurship Research Center
  • We can help you find funding for your research ideas
  • We can support you in writing proposal
  • We give prizes for excellent research
  • We award money to carry out research
  • We support faculty (to attend conferences internationally)
Dr. Malak Al-Nory, Dean of Graduate Studies and Research
+996-920003331 Ext 7550

Dr. Rima Ammouri, Vice Dean of Graduate Studies and Research

+996-920003331 Ext 7551

Ohoud Al-Gethami, Coordinator, Deanship of Graduate Studies and Research
+996-920003331 Ext 7553
Ms. Abrar Tolah, Coordinator, Deanship of Graduate Studies and Research
+996-920003331 Ext 7552

Ms. Aikaterini SpyropoulouAikaterini Spyropoulou, Business Developer, Deanship of Graduate Studies and Research

+996-920003331 Ext 7656


Ms. Rasha Al-Hazmi, Assistant, Research and Consultancy Institute.

 +996-920003331 Ext 7554
The objectives of the research ethics guidelines are to:
  • Increase the knowledge of those engaging in research, or considering doing so, as to the various ethical issues involved through and in conjunction with Effat University, and promote responsible conduct of research.
  • Raise awareness regarding local and international standards with regard to promoting responsible conduct of research.
  • Ensure that research is conducted in accordance with universal ethical standards while taking into consideration core Islamic values, and the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Ensure that all research conducted at Effat University is consistent with the Research Ethics Guidelines, as all research projects must be approved by the Research Ethics Institutional Review Committee (REIRC).
  • Provide appropriate protection for researchers, research participants, and Effat University.
Application Process
  • The Ethics Approval form and all required documents should be complete and submitted to the Research Ethics Institutional Review Committee via email.
  • All other relevant forms should be attached (e.g. consent form, information sheet, research proposal, any research instruments or assessments, etc.);
  •  The Chair of the Research Ethics Institutional Review Committee will acknowledge receipt of your application;
  • Applicants should expect to receive a decision from the REIRC via email within 2-4 weeks from the date of submission. 


Research Collaboration
At the RCI, we feel that it is up to any individual researcher or faculty to decide whether or not they want to collaborate with a researcher from another institute. In this decision, faculty and researcher should consider the following:
  • Is truly fruitful research collaboration possible for you, or another Effat colleague/department/unit?
  • Is the request accompanied by a research proposal, i.e. can you judge the quality of the study, that is
  • Is the research proposal of good quality, comprehensive, and if it concerns a study with human participants, is there an ethics approval from any ethics committee?  
  • How can Effat benefit from this? We have to benefit from these studies because we put effort in it. Effat, or you as a researcher affiliated with Effat, should be acknowledged for that contribution.