The mission of Islamic Finance Scientific Chair (IFSC) is to spread Islamic Finance knowledge through teaching, training, research, publications and consultancy.
IFSC aims at becoming the referral point for Islamic finance issues in the region.
The main goals of IFSC of Effat University are:
  • To enrich the Islamic Finance theory
  • To contribute to the advance of Islamic Finance industry
  • To produce Islamic Finance experts necessary for the continuous progress of Islamic Finance
  • To raise awareness and understanding of Islamic Finance among the public at large
  • Graduate and Undergraduate programs in Islamic Finance
  • Islamic Finance Magazine
  • Islamic Finance Academic Journal
  • Books and Edited Books focused on Islamic Finance
  • Conference Proceedings
  • In-house research conducted by the University’s staff and initiated either by the latter or by external parties (industry).
  •  Collaborative research initiated either by the University’s staff or by external parties.
  • Short training courses and workshops in Islamic Finance
  • Certified Islamic Banking and Finance Planner (CIBFP)
  • Providing consultancy services to industry players on current Islamic Finance issues.
  • Providing policy and regulatory solutions and recommendations to the corresponding regulatory bodies. 
Event Management
  • Organising International Islamic Finance Conferences and Seminars
Previous/Current Research Projects
  • Sustainability of the Islamic banking and financial system: A need for a shift in the methodology of innovation
  • Shari’ah issues in Islamic banking: A qualitative survey
  • Islamic financial innovation and engineering: Towards global harmonisation
  • Islamic finance development and its contribution to economic growth
  • Factors determining Islamic banks’ deposits in GCC countries
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