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Wadee Alhalabi, Mohamed Abdel-Mottaleb, Mohammad Haghighat Spring 2016
Correlation; Feature extraction; Covariance matrices; Biometrics (access control); Training; Eigenvalues and eigenfunctions; Pattern recognition
Zain Balfaqih, Mohammed Balfaqih , Mahamod Ismail, Rosdiadee Nordin, Abd Alrazak RahemSpring 2016
DMM; PMIPv6; Fast handover; Performance analysis; IP Mobility in VANET; V2I
Kong Seng Lai, Nor'Aini Yusof & Ernawati Mustafa KamalSpring 2016
organizational culture; innovation; architectural firms; construction industry; developing country; Malaysia
Tariq M. Khan, Mohammad A.U.khan, Yinan Kong, Omar KittanehSpring 2016
Isotropic diffusion; Fingerprint enhancement; EntropySquared-difference; Stopping criterion
Nor’Aini Yusof, Nazirah Zainul Abidin, Mohammad IranmaneshSpring 2016
Environmental Practices; Compatibility Factor; Organizational Factors; Practices Factors; Constructions firms
Wassim DaghrirSpring 2016
Wassim DaghrirSpring 2016
Wassim DaghrirSpring 2016
Wassim DaghrirSpring 2016
Media and Foreign Policy ; Panama ; Operation ‘Just Cause’
Wassim DaghrirSpring 2016
American Foreign Policy; El Salvador; Idealism vs Realism; Global Realism
Wassim DaghrirSpring 2016
Media and Foreign Policy; El Salvador; Propaganda Themes and Methods
Brahimi, T., Farooq, S., Paraschivoiu, I.Spring 2016
Aerodynamics; wind turbines; VAWT; CARDAAWV; Darrieus; dynamic stall
M. R. Bozkurt, A. Subasi, E. Koklukaya, M. YilmazSpring 2016
Sanna DhahirSpring 2016
Saudi women writers; male characters; victim; Raja ʿAlim
H. Dahrouj, A. Douik, F. Rayal, T. Y. Al-Naffouri and M.-S. AlouiniSpring 2016
Radio frequency; Nonlinear optics; Planning; Wireless communication; Reliability; Optical fibers; Business
H. ElSawy, H. Dahrouj, M.-S. Alouini and T. Y. Al-NaffouriSpring 2016
Cognitive radio; Computer architecture; Network topology; Delays; Uplink; Virtualization; Complexity theory; Cellular networks
Mohammed A. Majid; Ahmad A. Al-Jabr; Rami T. Elafandy; Hassan M. Oubei; Mohd S. Alias; Bayan A. Alnahhas; Dalaver H. Anjum; Tien Khee Ng; Mohamed Shehata; Boon S. Ooi Spring 2016
Indium gallium phosphide; Lasers; Quantum wells; Superluminescent diodes; Semiconductor lasers; Annealing
A. Douik, H. Dahrouj, T. Y. Al-Naffouri and M.-S. AlouiniSpring 2016
Power control; Interference; Scheduling; Processor scheduling; Optimization; Wireless communication; Electronic mail
Tarek LadjalSpring 2016
asabiyya; Libya; Ibn Khaldun; Karamanli; senusi; colonel gaddafi; terrorism
A. M. Ibrahem, M. F. El-Amin, A. A. MohammadeinSpring 2016
Ahmad Khuddro and Alaa Eddin HussainSpring 2016
Axiomatic Functional Linguistics; Deductivism;  Hypotheticodeductivism; Inductivism; Linguistic Semantics; Research Methodology
Ahmad Khuddro and Alaa Eddin HussainSpring 2016
Cultural Effect; Relevance; communication; translation
Ahmad Khuddro and Alaa Eddin HussainSpring 2016
Arabic Audiovisual Translation; Mediation; Techniques of AVT.; Voice-over
Ahmad Khuddro and Alaa Eddin HussainSpring 2016
Arabic audiovisual translation; coherence; cohesion; textuality
Ahmad Khuddro, Alaa Eddin HussainSpring 2016
audiovisual translation; subtitling; quality assessment; practical functional approach; Arabic-English simulation
Yusof, N. A., Zainul Abidin, N., Zailani, S. H. M., Govindan, K., and Iranmanesh, M.Spring 2016
Environmental behavior; Environmental practice; Construction firms; Construction projects; Environmental sustainability
M. Haghighat, M. Abdel-Mottaleb, W. AlhalabiSpring 2016
Face recognition in-the-wild; Pose-invariance; Frontal face synthesizing; Feature-level fusion; Canonical correlation analysis; Active appearance models
Omar A. Kittaneh; Mohammad A. U. Khan; M. Akbar; Husam A. BayoudSpring 2016
Distribution; Entropy; Image segmentation; Information measurement
Handoff; CAPWAP; Scanning; Authentication; Centralized Network
Zain A. Balfaqih, Mahamod Ismail, Rosdiadee Nordin, Mohammed Balfaqih Spring 2015
IP mobility in VANET; V2I; PMIPv6; NEMO; Seamless handoff; Handover latency
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