Effat Residence
Effat Residence provides full room and board to meet the lodging and academic-support needs of young women. Residents enjoy newly renovated private and shared rooms, maid service, three meals a day, local transportation, access to medical care, round-the-clock security, and professional supervision.
We want each resident to feel safe, welcome, and comfortable during her stay at Effat University.
Housing Fees for Students:
Students have a choice of deluxe room options in the newly renovated Student Residence at the following rates:
Room Type
Per Semester
Single Small
14,000 SR
Single Medium
15,000 SR
Single Large
17,000 SR
Single Extra Large (40 M²)
18,000 SR
Double Large (per person)
13,000 SR
  • Fees above include three meals a day.
  • Fees required SR 1,000 deposit and SR 1,000 insurance against damages.
Housing fees for Staff:
Room Type
Per Semester
Single Small
12,000 SR
Single Large
14,000 SR
Double Large (per person)
 9,000 SR
  • Fees required 1,000 SR insurance against damages
Temporary Housing Fee:
Type of room
2 Weeks
3 Weeks
1 Month
Single Small
350 SR
2,200 SR
3,000 SR
3,600 SR
4,000 SR
Double Large (per person)
300 SR
1,800 SR
2,600 SR
3,200 SR
3,800 SR
  • Hospitality is considered according to the daily fees of room type.
Residence Brouchure:  
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