The university medical unite seeks to be a developed, safe and confidential place for all students, faculty and employees to receive free and high quality medical services .in doing so the health unite supports the university in achieving its mission by developing a healthy environment for the students and employees in the university.
The new renovated health unite is located in the sports area (facing the library), furnished in a healthy, comfortable and elegant way with spacious observation rooms and while equipped with up-to-date equipment
  • University clinic is occupied by 2 doctors(a general practitioner and family medicine specialist ) and 2 nurses who are licensed by ministry of health.
  • Using computerized system to save medical records for student and employees.
  • Providing high quality free medical services to the students ,employees and child development center in a timely manner, providing complete customer satisfaction.
  • Preventive measurements and procedures like putting wheel chairs and first aid kits in each building in the university as part of medical emergency plan.


  • Well-equipped emergency room with  special facilities to deal with emergency situation
  • A car with a driver is ready to transfer emergency cases to the hospital at any time.
  • Medical care for the students and employees of the residence during working hours, after working hours and during weekends through medical emergency line (0500114422) the nurse responds to the case as fast as possible and will be in direct contact with the on call doctor to manage the case.
  • Using the emergency gulf cart to response immediately to emergency calls.
  • Validating external medical reports from other clinics and hospitals.
  • Providing vaccinations for students and employees in collaboration with ministry of health.
  • Providing Medical advices and health education to students and employees through direct contact, medical brochures, periodic emailed lectures and workshops.
  • Running a Health and Wellness program to the students and employees to improve their lifestyle including regular physical activity and body weight checking.
  • Regular checkups for glucose level and blood pressure.
  • Assisting students who have permanent or temporary disabilities.
  • Celebrating world health events to raise awareness about international health diseases.
  • Medical supervision for university sport teams and visitor teams during their training and during the sport events.
  • Attending the university events to give medical support if needed.
  • Providing community services by cooperating with The Community Services Institute.
  • A trained and licensed medical emergency respond team(MERT) is ready in case of big emergencies like floods


 Sick Leave Policy for Employees
  • If the employee feels sick and cannot come to work, she needs to get a sick leave report from a hospital or a clinic and submit it in the HR department.
  • If the employee feels sick during working hours, she can pass by the clinic for medical examination and for getting a sick leave report for that day if needed.
 Sick Leave Policy for Students
  1. Students should avoid visiting the clinic during class time or exams only in case of emergency contact clinic emergency number 0500114422.
  2. Students who visit the clinic during a class time will not receive a medical notification from the clinic unless it is an emergency/ severe case (Evaluated by clinic staff ).
  3. All medical reports/ sick leave requests have to be submitted to Effat University Clinic within a period of 5 working days upon issuing it from the external health facility and no sick leaves will be accepted after that.
  4. Special cases students :( including sick leaves during final exams) shall bring a detailed medical report from a specialist doctor with at least a laboratory test or imaging report which supports the diagnosis to be reviewed by the Medical Committee.
  5. Effat university health unite has the right to reject any sick leave requests or medical report that do not meet the below-mentioned criteria:

a. The health facility  issuing the sick leave should be licensed by the Saudi health Ministry or any other valid international health organizations.

b. Sick Leaves needs to be signed and stamped by the treating physician and the general director of medical reports in that health facility showing clear diagnosis and the absence period requested.
c. Original sick leave and not a copy or scanned.

       6.   If the criterion is not meet, the student will be asked to complete the needed requirements for 6.   If the criterion is not meet, the student will be asked to complete the needed requirements for the report/sick leave to be approved.


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