STEAM Innovation Lab
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STEAM Innovation Lab

STEAM Innovation Lab

Derived from its deeply-rooted commitment to develop and support a culture of service, Effat University is keen on presenting diverse community service initiatives that support the community and help create a positive societal impact. Effat University believes that education is the key toward the betterment of societies through the transfer of information, knowledge and learning opportunities. This is also reflected in the University’s mission to prepare aspirational and effective leaders who are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to contribute to national and global progress.

Effat University’s STEAM Innovation Lab Program: Engaging Future Innovators is one the University’s diverse community service initiatives that are designed to introduce high school students to key concepts in STEM and art. The enrichment program covers a variety of topics including Cryptography, Drama & Theatre, Energy Engineering, Game Design, Robotics, Creative and Cinematic Arts, Photography, etc. Through this program, students get to explore college life through access to the University’s labs and facilities as well as indulge in exciting activities and team projects. Effat University hopes through this program to provide students with a memorable experience full of learning, discovery and personal development.

By the end of this program, students have completed a minimum of two selected courses from both art and STEM fields and have enrolled in various other activities such as sports, competitions and innovative learning experiences.

Click here the complete list of courses offered as part of the STEAM Innovation Lab Program.

Student Testimonial: “This is my first time to visit Effat University and also my first time to enroll in a program. This program provided me with many beneficial courses but actually a few of them are only found here - such as Cryptography, Game Design and Energy Engineering. Some of us will choose our future careers depending on what we were taught in these courses. Our experiences were really amazing and we really enjoyed being here at Effat University” – Menna Mustafa, STEAM Innovation Lab Student (2017-2018)
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