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 Effat University celebrates 20 years of Educational Achievement

Queen Effat Legacy

Queen Effat (God rest her soul) was well educated for her time. She completed elementary and secondary school education in Istanbul, where she spent her formative years. By then, she had already set her mind on becoming a school teacher. However, her dreams took a different turn when she married HRH King Faisal bin Abdulaziz in 1932. In this new environment, her passion for teaching and learning found full expression in her lifelong efforts to establish schools and philanthropic societies.

She dedicated nearly half a century to the development of ducational and charitable institutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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She founded Dar Al Hanan (Home of Affection) in 1955, fighting tirelessly to eradicate illiteracy and make education for young girls equivalent to that of young boys. To Queen Effat, a woman’s education is her weapon, and women armed with education form the pillars of society.

She had a holistic vision of learning, embracing extra-curricular activities as a requirement for a well-rounded education. This vision went hand-in-hand with traditional values, a dedication to Islam, and respect for all human beings. She lived her faith and inspired all women to do the same.

Queen Effat also aspired to educate young women beyond high school. She understood the needs of a growing nation and the importance of women’s ongoing engagement in that development. With an eye toward building strong human resources, she understood the importance of keeping abreast of modern technological advances and of what could be learned from and shared through international partnerships.

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Effat College opened in 1999 – her ultimate gift to Saudi women. Queen Effat was intelligent, determined, and levelheaded. King Faisal often called upon her to use her powers of reasoning and diplomacy to help others appreciate different perspectives. Alongside these characteristics of great strength, she was also witty and artistic. She found immense pleasure in the beauty of nature. She was affectionate and motherly, not just towards her nine children, but to all those around her. She used the term ‘my daughter’ to address each one of them. ​