Effat College of Science & Humanities
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Effat College of Science & Humanities

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To become the best provider of interdisciplinary education in the fields of social sciences and humanities –one which is worthy of the 21st century and applicable to society—through international perspective, broad expertise, awareness of history and institutional values, pride in traditions, sense of community, and rational optimism for the future.


To provide high quality interdisciplinary education that adheres to Effat University's core values of commitment to the ethical use of science and knowledge and offers sound community leadership. Our graduates will excel in their respective fields through the talent to analyze and think thoroughly, solve problems creatively, and communicate effectively.


  1. Enrich the College's national and international recognition by strengthening its presence in the community and enhancing its active contribution to the fulfillment of the nation's 2030 vision.
  2.  Continue to provide a positive and productive work environment in the College through efficient and transparent leadership.
  3. Maintain national accreditation, enhance opportunities of international accreditation / recognition, and strive to help the University reach the country's 2020 transformational goals of being a highly ranked institution.
  4.  Uphold academic excellence in our current bachelors and graduate programs by providing innovative education, and work towards implementing further distinctive and reputable bachelors and graduate programs.
  5.  Continue to attract high quality students, to cultivate excellence in student development, and to graduate true representatives of Queen Effat's Legacy, who will be effective instruments of change and social and economic wellbeing.
  6. Promote comprehensive, wide-ranging learning and research activities amongst students, faculty, and admin staff by providing sufficient up-to-date and easily accessible learning resources.
  7.  Equip the College with appropriate and current facilities, including labs, to fulfill the requirements of academic and personal growth of students, faculty, and staff.
  8. Contribute to the financial strength and sustainability of the University through diverse fund-generating efforts especially in the fields of research and community projects.
  9.  Further develop the professional skills of the College's faculty and staff and continue to recruit research-oriented faculty.
  10. Enhance the College's research quality and profile by boosting faculty research, publications, and conference participation.
  11. Strengthen the College's relations and interactions with the national and international community through joint endeavors with nationwide and global partners and through worthwhile student internships.

Undergraduate Programs​

​Graduate ​Programs​

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