Master of Science in Energy Engineering (MSEE)
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Master of Science in Energy Engineering (MSEE)

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​​The Master of Science in Energy Engineering program prepares Saudi women to meet the demand for engineers, scientists, and researchers in Saudi Arabia's booming energy sector. Through completion of fundamental courses in the chosen concentration and in related sciences, as well as through independent research, the program prepares graduates for professional work in the energy sector to design, select, implement, and use innovative technologies to operate effectively in a competitive and multi-disciplinary industrial context, characterized by significant environmental, regulatory, smart management, and safety constraints. In addition to equipping the students with the fundamentals,  the Master of Science in Energy Engineering program helps them apply this knowledge to innovate, research and develop solutions to real-life problems in the field, and to liase with local industries and businesses to this effect.
The Master of Science in Energy Engineering program aims at producing graduates who, after few years from graduation, will:
•PEO1: Thoroughly understand energy-engineering theory, research and recent developments, including what the latter contribute to the field's store of knowledge.
•PEO2: Be familiar with and able to use advanced, research-and-inquiry techniques that are applicable not only to energy engineering practice, but also to  fundamental research.
•PEO3: Continue developing intellectually through active participation in technical and professional activities.
•PEO4: Act in a professional and ethical manner in their chosen careers, while also communicating effectively as an individual or a team member.​

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