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Management of Communications & Public Relations (MC&PR)

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The Management of Communications and Public Relations at Effat University maintain the university's reputation and highlight its distinctiveness through innovative media communications and the execution of high-level events. As well as developing media strategies to increase enrollment and brand awareness among targeted audiences.


Branding and Publications

  • Branding and Image

    A successful image is the foundation of every successful organization. We consider Effat university image which determines our credibility in the mind of people, and establishes the value of our services.
  • Design:

    Our goal is to help Effat university staff to communicate their messages through images, words and sounds by providing creative and professional designs.
  • Publications:

    This includes quality writing, design, and printing in black & white and multi-color in the form of departmental handbooks and brochures, annual reports and research papers, calendars and registration schedules, announcements and forms, and periodicals. This service also includes miscellaneous academic publications pertaining to conferences, events and exhibitions, short courses, graduation ceremonies, certificates  and student activities, business cards, various sizes of banners and posters, printing on gifts and presentation items such as plaques, etc., and name plates for all the University divisions.

Event Management

  • The coordination​:

    The coordination for on campus events starting with the location reservation by providing all logistics needs handled by MCPR.
  • Hospital​ity:​​​

    We organize all types of guests hosting and manage all types of hostility requests including: date, flowers, gifts, tours and presentations.

Digital Media

  • Social Media:

    We connect Effat with people and community, by sharing interests and/or activities, upload videos, pictures, and answer inquires within social networks.
  • Website:

    Our aim is to have a well-designed and highly informative and updated webpages.​​


We aim to gain valuable coverage in the media, in order to maintain a positive public image for Effat University, build brand awareness and establish relationships with the university Stakeholders. The department regularly develops press releases, organizes media campaigns and handles media queries.

Community Relations

  • Promotional Activities:

    All promotional activities whether by Effat community or off-campus clients including: posters/flyers distribution (manually or electronically), soliciting spaces or setting posting promotional material including banners and posters.
  • Exhibitions:

    We manage Effat events from start to finish.  We handle the exhibitions logistics including sound strategy, meticulous planning, powerful messaging and effective marketing communications - these are the entire key to the success of exhibitions.
  • Commercial Solicitation:

    We handle on campus solicitation and rental requests.
  • Sponsorship:

    We handle all requests for events sponsorships including: catering and gifts.

​​More information​

​Effat university media center​​


    Name Email Phone Position
    Ms. Maha 122137640Director for the Management of Communication & Public Relations
    Ms. Amira 122137636Events Logistics Coordinator
    Ms. Reema H. 122137644Website and Public Relation Assistant
    Ms. Saraa S. 122137635Graphic Designer