Aspire to Achieve

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Management of Institutional Planning & Advancement

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To be recognized as a leading executive, institutional planning and development support unit through the application of knowledge and best practices in achieving Effat University’s aspiration for international leadership and eminence.​


The MIDP is committed to support the university through developing, implementing and monitoring the assessment of its strategic and action plans achievements.  


  1. ​​​Monitoring the institutional achievements of action plans in 3 areas by collecting required information from different supporting units and highlighting for decision making proposes In the area of presence, effectiveness and socio-economic impact

  2. Monitoring and advise on strategic and action plans, connect and stimulate a progressive and dynamic strategic planning process to ensure leadership and advocate the transparency in all processes in order to achieve the strategic plan goals 2017-2022

  3. ​Support the University’s efforts in maintaining  national and international accreditation and institutional ranking through ensuring integration of quality measures and KPIs in institutional and all units action plans.

  4. To Support the current and new academic program development and review through market research and feasibility study to help meet the labor market needs in alignment with  Saudi vision 2030 and transformational plan 2020. 

  5. Develop, and monitor the projected number of students and monitor the recruitment and retention efforts.

  6. Developing and monitoring  the compliance of Effat University’s learning resources with the strategic plan taking into consideration the ministry of education and the national and international accreditation bodies requirements 

  7. Support the development of  the strategic and action campus plan and monitor the progress of execution of the plans in alignment with the students growth 

  8. Ensure the effective spending of the budget and financial operation of MIPD to support the university planning for financial diversification and competitive position.

  9. Develop and monitor the projected number of faculty and the achievements of action plan.

  10. Monitor the implementation of research action plans through measuring and assessing the University’s visibility, socio-economic impact and effectiveness.

  11. Monitor university’s performance with regard to its relationship with national and international community​


Support the university and its units through developing, implementing and monitoring the assessment of its strategic and action plans achievements and risk management.