Medical Clinic
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Medical Clinic


To enhance a healthy community where students and employees can revel optimal health as they follow their academic and career goals to serve as agent of change


Effat university Clinic provides high quality medical services in addition to different health educational programs targeting the whole community.​

  • Enhance the presence and the contribution to the community through health education events
  • Maintaining a healthy work environment through regular medical check-up for employees
  • Provide a high quality medical services
  • Providing students and their teachers with the maximum support they need through their educational journey
  • Support and enhance student’s wellbeing and health.
  • Encourage students to use medical and health resources in the library  and help the library update medical resources
  • Provide health care unit with the most advanced medical equipment
  • Establishing new financial resources 
  • Continue Developing the medical team skills and require highly qualified medical different specialties
  • Supporting students and employees by providing healthy environment
  • Encourage students and employees to be more active in health community services through collaboration with other national and international communities​​


  • Free Medical care for the students, employees and child development center during working hours.

  • Validating external medical reports from other clinics and hospitals.

  • Providing vaccinations for students and employees.

  • Providing health education events and programs to students and employees.

  • Attending the university events to give medical support if needed.

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    Name Email Phone Position
    Dr. Sarah 122137667Medical Doctor & Coordinator of Effat Women’s Wellbeing Center

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