Aspire to Achieve
    •, A researcher, باحث
      A researcher
    •, An undergraduate, البكالوريوس
      An undergraduate
    •, A graduate, الدراسات العليا
      A graduate

Office of the President


The Office of the President exemplar organizational Unit with professional integrity, actualizing the president’s duties, authorities and ambitions.


The Office of the President serves as the trajectory and the sounding board for new academic and non-academic initiatives that strive to support the President’s in opening lines of communication by responding to the inquiries and concerns of students, employees, Boards, government agencies, and community members of Jeddah and the world to create a friendly, approachable and positive environment for all.


  1. ​Advance the intellectual positioning of Effat University through improving its presence, effectiveness, and socio-economic impact, both nationally and internationally.

  2. Act as a dashboard to systemize the President’s emerging priorities, directions, leadership, reporting, rewarding, and honored principles that make decision making environment at Effat University.

  3. Demonstrate a model of quality in all of Effat’s administrative and academic affairs in order to enhance the quality practices of the university units and further advance the University to the highest national and international ranking.​

  4. Distinguish Effat University through its Faculty accomplishments, programs reputation, and student’s preparation for the global economy, both nationally and internationally.

  5. Support the recruitment and retention of competent students and focus  the University’s activities and resources on students’ holistic development towards effective leadership and global citizenship in such to challenge the present, create future opportunities, and realize the Queen Effat Legacy as Effat Ambassadors.

  6. Help transform Effat Library and cultural museum a place of inquiry and dynamic learning environment.

  7. Support the President to act as a safeguard in managing the preservation and execution of current and future campus master plan to meet the requirements of green campus and environment sustainability.   

  8. Support expansion of resources in each of the funding streams (government grants and scholarships, donation, investment, business partnerships, research, tuition), management of resources effectively, and matching investments to strategic priorities

  9. Advance Effat University rigorously as a values-based institution that made up of diverse individuals who believe in education as a building block for the development of human capacity.

  10. Support the DGSR to make Effat University a preeminent research university with a distinctive national character and an unsurpassed commitment to research, development and innovation.

  11. Provide civic leadership by helping the President increasingly engage in partnerships across the community and lead in supporting the social and economic prosperity of Mecca region, Saudi Arabia and worldwide.


The office of the president facilitate meeting with the president for both students and employees.  ​
    Name Email Phone Position
    Dr. Haifa Reda Jamal 122328000President, Effat University
    Ms. Rasha 122328001Manager, Office of the President
    Ms. Maliha Al- 122328003Manager, Office of the President
    Dr. Bayan O. 122328002Assistant Professor & Legal Affairs Coordinator
    Ms. Lisa Zuppé 122137799Lecturer & Executive Director of International Affairs
    Ms. Abrar I. 122138010Assistant