Visual and Digital Production
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Visual and Digital Production

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​​​​In today’s digital world, digital media professionals make valuable and significant contributions. The Bachelorof Science (BSc) in Visual and Digital Production – the first of its kind in Saudi Arabia – provides students with foundation knowledge for a career in digital media. The BSc in Visual and Digital Production includes four tracks:Video Production, Animation, Screenwriting and Interactive Media. The program provides the students with the ability to communicate across diverse media platforms and understand how to plan, create, manipulate, disseminateand critically interpret still and moving images, sound and interactive media across different platforms.


The Visual & Digital Production (VDP) program is to serve as a global and interdisciplinary department in film &media. Focusing on theory and practice to educate, empower, and enable young women to become caring citizens who value honesty, a strong work ethic, and a commitment to excellence in media industry.


The Visual and Digital Production Program aims to pursue a leading academic position of excellence to encourage creative students, who would be artists and producers, who can make a significant contribution to the generation of knowledge and digital content in contemporary visual culture both nationally and internationally, through critical thinking, innovation, and experimentation.


  1. To support as a global and interdisciplinary department in media production, by enriching the university influences in media and film industry in the community.
  2. Ensure an effective leadership environment that is conducive to transparency, innovation, and ethics.
  3. Gaining the national and international standards of ranking.
  4. Focus on theory and practice to educate, empower, and enable young women to become caring citizens who value honesty, a strong work ethic, and a commitment to excellence, with strong program assessment.
  5. Attract and enroll high quality students in order to reach the full capacity in the department, creating future entrepreneurs in media industry.
  6. Provide the required learning and information resources relevant to the creative program of VDP for optimal effective teaching and learning.
  7. To maintain the use of VDP facility and equipment for innovative and unique educational environment.
  8. To help financial health of the department through its offerings and recruitment, through marketing and diversity of projects.
  9. Attract and retain highly qualified and motivated academic and administrative staff, with international credentials and support their professional development in order to allow them to contribute to the growth of the department.
  10. Encourage all faculty and students to produce interdisciplinary researches and projects that will align with the Saudi 2030 vision, within the department, the University and external bodies.
  11. Develop sustainable relationships and partnerships with national and international organizations, academies, festivals, and to make relevant contributions to the community and to provide repetition for the department.​
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