Information Systems
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      A researcher
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Information Systems

​​Much of the success of modern-day business depends on information and how it is used. Time, availability, consistency, accuracy, and completeness of information have become critical success factors for many different business enterprises.
Graduates of the Bachelor of Science (BSc.) in Information Systems (IS) learn both the technology and the managerial aspects of information systems enabling them to play meaningful roles in the organizations they will work for.


The Information Systems Program envisions a globally competitive Arab World whose citizens are empowered by information. The IS program vision is to support the local business community and economy by supplying the local job market with highly qualified graduates who make optimum knowledge possible.


A commitment to offer scholarly research, teaching and service in information systems in order to train future leaders for professional and academic careers in conform to the international standards. The program will contribute to the local and international market by preparing the student with highly competent technical, social and leadership skill.


  1. Enhance the presence of the IS department among other regional institutions through excellence in teaching, research, and community service
  2. Enhance the positive, dynamic, and transparent governance process and involving the stakeholders in decision making/auditing.
  3. Maintain the national and international accreditations and to have the program as the best Information System program regionally
  4. Preparing students with innovative, interactive, and quality education to meet future needs in the market.
  5. Recruit and retain the expected number of diverse student body to be ambassadors of Queen Effat.
  6. Optimizing the use of state-of-art learning management systems and educational resources.
  7. Providing the state of the art labs, resources, and technology.
  8. Attract and maintain internal/external funds, consultation services, executive courses, and research grants.
  9. Retain and recruit highly qualified information systems faculty members.
  10. Enhancing the quality research output and Aligning the research with commercialization to meet the vision 2030 in relation with national and international research institutions
  11. Establish and strengthen partnerships with highly recognized academic institutions and businesses nationally and internationally to support the community.​​
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