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Master of Science in Urban Design

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Key Fact
  • Program name
    Master of Science in Urban Design
  • Program code
  • Dept. chair
    Dr. Kholod Moumani
  • Program length
    2 years
  • Credit hours

 About the Program

T​he Master's Program in Urban Design (MSUD) at Effat University establishes a common intellectual ground for architects, planners and landscape architects who intend to practice or advance their knowledge and experience in urban design. The Program provides knowledge of urban theory; design techniques; and procedures that challenge you to re-think design within the context of economic, political and cultural struggles that often characterize urban development today. Particular emphasis is placed on developing mastery in urban design.

The MSUD Program combines a common core curriculum with the opportunity to take elective courses tailored to your particular areas of interest. The Program offers two areas of possible concentration: Urban Design & Practice and Urban Design & Real Estate.

​Educational Objectives​

  • high-quality education that prepares graduates to assume professional roles in urban design by offering sound knowledge in urban design theories and applications; social, cultural, and environmental aspects; and information technology.
  • Prepare graduates to work effectively in multi-disciplinary teams within urban environments by providing knowledge of built environment-related disciplines relevant to ethical responsibility and professional practice in urban design.
  • Prepare graduates to develop and acquire drawing skills relevant to the communication and presentation of urban design-proposals and solutions.​​


 Learning Outcomes

    • Recognize and define urban-design problems. 
    • Investigate the evolution, structure, form and character of urban places.
    • Draw ideas, knowledge and skills from a range of disciplines and apply these to urban projects.
    •  Generate strong, purposeful and visionary urban-design initiatives (concepts, policies, plans, guidelines, etc).
    • Evaluate urban-design programs, proposals and built works.
    • Work successfully in interdisciplinary design teams, and with private and public organizations and communities.
    • Present urban-design proposals and information in clear, convincing and innovative ways using appropriate Information Technology tools.
    • Appreciate cultural differences and work across national frontiers.
    • Establish, initiate, discuss and test ideas that aim at creating 'places' and liveable communities​

 Career Opportunities

​The MSUD program will prepare students for effective intervention and development of both physical change and design proposals.

Graduates of MSUD will be well equipped to pursue careers as:

  • Urban designers
  • Leaders and managers of urban design processes, in both public and private arenas.
  • Graduates will have different opportunities to work directly with municipalities or private sector groups as effective designers and advocates for development enterprises.
  • They will receive adequate preparation to pursue a higher degree at a Doctoral level.

     Graduation Requirements

    ​To obtain the Master’s of Science in Urban Design, you must complete 42 credit hours of the MSUD Program consisting of: 24 credit hours of core courses, 9 credit hours of Thesis & Project (6 hours for Thesis Part 1 & Part 2, and 3 hours for the Project) and 9 credit hours of elective courses.

    Compulsory Courses (33 Credit Hours)

    • MSUD Core Courses: 24
    • MSUD Thesis and Project: 9

    Elective Courses

    MSUD Elective Courses: 9

    Total: 42​

     Program Plan

    Semester 1

    Semester 2


    Course Title




    Course Title



    UD610 Urban Design and Development (Theory and Principles)
    Contemporary Trends in Urban Design
    UD611 Principles of Real Estate and Urban Economics None 3-0-3 UD614 Urban Design Research Method UD610 2-2-3
    UD612 Site and Landscape Design None 2-2-3 UD 616 Computational Tools in Urban Design None 2-2-3
    UD615 Urban Sociology None 3-0-3 UD617 Urban Design Sustainability UD610 3-0-3





    Semester 3

    Semester 4

    UD6XX UD Elective-1   x-x-3 UD691 Urban Design Thesis-2 UD690 3-0-3
    UD6XX UD Elective-2   x-x-3 UD692 Final Urban Design Project UD690 2-2-3
    UD6XX UD Elective-3   x-x-3        
    UD690 Urban Design Thesis-1 UD614 3-0-3        





     Fact Sheet


    Bachelor GPA
    Cum GPA
    2.75/4 or 3.75/5
    Major GPA
    2.75/4 or 3.75/5
    Very Good
    Required Tests
    GRE and STEP
    Verbal 154 Quantitative 158
    Effat Placement Tests
    *TOEFL+ *TWE
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    Conversion Charts
    Additional Department Requirement
    Recommendation Letter
    Personal Statement
    Contact Information
    Dept. Chair
    Tel.+966 122137928
    Tel.+966 122137940 


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