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Master of Science in Finance MSF
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Key Fact
  • Program name
    Master of Science in Finance MSF
  • Program code
  • Dept. chair
    Dr. Tahar Tayachi
  • Program length
    2 Years
  • Credit hours

 About the Program

​​The Masters in Islamic Financial Management (MIFM) Program embraces both Islamic and conventional finance. Islamic finance benefits from the insights and technical instruments developed by conventional finance; conventional finance enjoys a broader scope by recognizing and including the ethics that underpin the Islamic finance industry. The program therefore enhances the potential of firms in the field of finance and offers a clear strategic edge to those that can modify their mindset accordingly. In particular, MIFM offers this key benefit to its students.

The MIFM program contains a balance of conventional and Islamic-finance modules, enabling you to gain a clear overview of the similarities, differences, and synergies between Islamic and conventional finance, and prepares you to hold key positions in the Islamic banking industry.

 Learning Outcomes

  • ​​Demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of contemporary issues in Islamic and conventional finance.
  • Compare and contrast Islamic and conventional financial markets in a global setting.
  • Solve problems and make financial decisions within a risk-return framework.
  • Demonstrate the ability to use critical thinking and reasoning skills to analyze various financial management issues.
  • Utilize data, software, and information technologies in problem solving and decision-making.
  • Identify the ethical and legal responsibilities in Islamic and conventional finance and determine their impact on financial decision-making.
  • Utilize quantitative tools to analyze and respond to Islamic financial-management problems and opportunities.
  • Conceptualize Islamic financial-management issues into coherent written statements and oral presentations.
  • Demonstrate the ability to interact, cooperate, and lead in a multicultural organization.

 Educational Objectives

  • Develop students' understanding of the conceptual framework of conventional and Islamic finance.
  • Provide students with quantitative and conceptual analytical skills needed for effective Islamic financial management.
  • Develop students' ability to apply the technical aspects of conventional finance within the Islamic finance framework.
  • Develop students' interpersonal and leadership skills relevant to the global nature of Islamic and conventional finance.
  • Develop students' understanding of the ethical and legal responsibilities that shape the field of Islamic finance.
  • Provide students with technological skills needed to process information and make effective Islamic financial-management decisions.​​

 Graduation Requirements

  • 33 credit hours of Core Courses
  • 12 credit hours of Technical Electives
  • 5 credit hours of Professional Thesis

In addition, you must also fulfil the following requirements

  • An overall grade point average GPA of 3 out of 4.00 or higher for the MIFM program
  • No grades lower than 2.00 out of 4.00 for any MIFM course
  • A grade of 2.00 out of 4.00 or higher for the professional thesis​

 Program Plan

Semester 1 Semester 2
Course # Course Title Credits Course # Course Title Credits
MFN541 Principles of Conventional and Islamic Finance 3 MBK511 Fundamentals  of Conventional Markets 3
MFN542 Financial Decision Making and Computational Finance 3 MFN543 Islamic Financial Instruments Management: Cash Flow Analysis 3
MQM521 Financial Econometrics I: Financial Regression Analysis 3 MQM522 Financial Econometrics II: Statistical Financial Modeling 3
MTK531 Fundamentals of Islamic Finance: Markets and Instruments 3 MBK512 Conventional Fixed Income Financial Instruments 3
Total 12 Total 12
Semester 3 Semester 4
MTK532 Islamic Quasi Fixed Income Financial Instruments: Sukuk 3 MTK536 Portfolios of Islamic Financial Instruments 3
MTK533 Analysis and Management of Conventional Derivatives I 3 Technical Elective Course 3 3
Technical Elective Course 1 3   Technical Elective Course 4 3
Technical Elective Course 2 3 MGT550  Professional Thesis 5
Total 12 Total 14
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Dept. Chair
Tel.+966 122137832
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