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    •, Undergraduate, البكالوريوس
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  • Chair of the Department
    Dr. Tahar Tayachi
  • Program length
    4 years
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 About the Program

Our comprehensive Finance Program will provide you with a thorough grounding in the main theories, concepts and tools of corporate finance, investments, financial markets and institutions. With an emphasis on the implications of finance issues from the perspective of individual investors, corporations, financial institutions, and policy makers, it will allow you to go on to contribute to the development of Saudi business culture in a global setting.​


The Department of Finance seeks to be recognized as a prestigious institution in providing high quality finance education, innovative research and which prepares competent professionals to lead the fast-changing national and global financial markets.


The Department of Finance is committed to preparing well educated and expertly trained graduates  with keen analytical, problem-solving and decision-making skills grounded in ethical values, a research driven curriculum, and to incite graduates to become competent professionals and socially responsible citizens able to cope with emerging challenges facing Saudi and global finance markets, economy and management.


  1. Position the Department of Finance for a leading ranking through quality education, progressive research and community engagement.
  2. Ensure a positive work environment, professional ethical consideration and participatory decision making and leadership.
  3. Maintain national and obtain international accreditations and benchmarking while promoting a culture of quality and excellence.
  4. Prepare students for the increasingly complex challenges of financial markets through innovative problem-solving based teaching styles, and equip them with the necessary skills for national and international professional distinction.
  5. Attract national and international qualified students, and continue to nurture holistic leadership and entrepreneurial development.
  6. Expand learning and information resources, optimize the use for academic and research excellence, further develop curriculums and instructional resource materials, and integrated information technologies into the teaching and programs content.
  7. Expand and optimize Effat’s facilities and resources to support a conducive learning and working environment.
  8. Secure external research funding, reduce costs, and diversify financial sources.
  9. Brand the Department of Finance as an employee destination of choice through the recruitment of diverse and competent faculty, ensuring ongoing intellectual and professional development, building skills, competencies and talents for graduate and undergraduate students.
  10. Increase innovative research activities for faculty, graduate and undergraduate students, with visible socio-economic impact.
  11. Develop long term linkages with national businesses, enterprises and international community while engaging the business community in the continued improvement of current programs and the development of new educational and research projects.  

 Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate a solid foundation of knowledge in the liberal arts.
  • Explain the fundamentals of the main business disciplines and their interaction with the financial environment.
  • Describe and discuss key concepts and principles of accounting and economics.
  • Identify the concepts, theories and practices related to finance and investment.

Cognitive Skills

  • Analyze real-life business and financial scenarios and formulate decisions and solutions.
  • Evaluate the feasibility of various options and decisions, and draw valid conclusions.
  • Conduct research into current problems related to finance.

Interpersonal Skills and Responsibility

  • Function effectively in a team.
  • Reflect on personal learning and development.
  • Act responsibly and ethically in a professional environment.

Communication, IT and Numeracy Skills

  • Use mathematics and statistics to solve financial problems.
  • Communicate effectively in oral and written form.
  • Use information technology effectively.

 Career Opportunities

  • ​Financial Manager
  • Market Analyst Fund/Investment Manager
  • Financial Advisor
  • Accounting Officer
  • Loans Officer Fund/Investment Manager
  • Financial Planner
  • Financial Statement Analyst
  • Stock Broker
  • Bank Manager
  • Auditor

 Graduation Requirements

General Education Requirements:​ 42
Core Requirements: 51
Technical Requirements: 9
Technical Elective Requirements: 9
Business Elective Requirements: 9
Free Elective Requirements: 6
Supervised Internship: 3
Total: 129

 Program Plan

Foundation Year
Semester 1 – Foundation 1 Semester 2 – Foundation 2
 Course Title
 Course Title
LANG 011
Reading & Critical
3 LANG 012
Reading & Critical
LANG 013 Academic Writing - I 3 LANG 014 Academic Writing - II 3
LANG 015 Listening  and Speaking - I 3 LANG 016 Listening  and Speaking - II 3
SSKL 021 Independent Learning & Research Skills - I 2 SSKL 022 Independent Learning & Research Skills - II 2
BUS 051 Introduction to Business - I 3 BUS 054 Concept & Terminology in Business - II 3
BUS 055 Case Studies in Business - I 2 BUS 056
Case Studies in
Business - II
MATH 041 Basic Math - I 3 MATH 042  Basic Math - II 3
CL 031 Computer Literacy 0 IL 032 Information Literacy 0
Total Credit Hours 19 Total Credit Hours 19
Freshman Year
Year 1 – Semester 1 Year 1 – Semester 2

Information, Media & Technology 3 ACCT 140 Financial Accounting 3
GMTH 141B Pre-Calculus 3 MATH 160 Mathematics for Management – Applied Calculus 3

Scientific Literacy Requirement 3 GSTA 140 Elementary Statistics 3
GENG 161 Project Based Language Learning & Critical Thinking 2
Linguistic Communication (English) 2
GISL 171 Social and Moral Values in Islam 2
Islamic Thought and Ethics Requirement II 2

Linguistic Communication (Arabic) 3
Physical and Environmental Wellbeing 2
Total Credit Hours 16 Total Credit Hours 16
Sophomore Year
Year 2 - Semester 3 Year 2 - Semester 4
ACCT 240 Managerial Accounting 3 MKT 210 Principles of Marketing 3
ECON 270 Microeconomics 3 ECON 271 Macroeconomics 3
OPIM 230 Decision Sciences 3
Islamic Thought and Ethics Requirement III 2
MGT 220 Principles of Management 3 MGT 223 Business Communication 3

Cultural Literacy Requirement 3  FIN 240 Finance 3

  Linguistic Communication (Foreign Languages I) 2
Total Credit Hours 15 Total Credit Hours 16
Junior Year
Ye​ar 3 - Semester 5 Year 3 - Semester 6
MGT 325 Business Legal Environment 3 MGT 326 Organizational Behavior 3
OPIM 330 Operations Management 3 FIN 343 Principles of Investment 3
OPIM 338 Enterprise IT Systems 3   FIN Elective I 3
FIN 340 Corporate Finance 3 GSEM 200 Interdisciplinary Seminar and Research 3
  Business Elective I 3   Global Awareness Requirement 3
  Linguistic Communication (Foreign Languages II) 2   Civic Engagement 2
Total Credit Hours 17 Total Credit Hours 17
Summer Session
FIN 480 Supervised Internship in FIN 3  
Senior Year
Year 4 - Semester 7 Year 4 - Semester 8
MGT 427 Strategic Management 3 MGT 428 Business Social Responsibility 3
FIN 446 Financial Policy 3   Finance Elective III 3
  Finance  Electives II 3   Business Elective III 3
  Business Elective I 3 MGT 490 Research Project 3
  Free Elective I 3   Free Elective II 3
Total Credit Hours 15 Total Credit Hours 15

Hi-School Percentage
Science Section
Art Section
Qudurat *(SAT)
Math Level *DTMS
1, 2
512, 612
Effat Placement Tests
TOEFL (525) - TWE (5)
Additional Department Requirement
Personal Statement
Contact Information
Dept. Chair
Tel.+966 122137832
Tel.+966 122137834 

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