Aspire to Achieve
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      A researcher
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      An undergraduate
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      A graduate



The Advancement Office at Effat University serves as a dynamic and effective unit helping Effat University emerge as one of the world's leading academic institutions. It supports teaching, learning, and research innovation through donations, gifts, outreach and engagement with different constituents, partners and colleagues.


The Effat University Advancement Office will support Effat's mission by expanding awareness of, advocacy for, and engagement in giving to the University. The Office will enable the University to connect with Saudi, regional and international donors through the exchange of knowledge, interests and mutual benefit. It will help instil donors with the satisfaction of assisting a new generation of leaders, shaping a better future that will have an impact on the lives of countless families and increase the potential of the Saudi Arabia, the region and the world.

The Institutional Advancement Office was established in 2010 to handle the following areas:

  • Advisory Honorary Board Affairs
  • Alumnae Relations
  • Donor Relations and Recognition/Stewardship
  • Fundraising Event Management
  • Fundraising Development
  • Advancement Services