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Master of Energy

For The First Time in KSA Effat University Introduces Masters of Science in Energy Program to Prepare Saudi Women to Enter the Growing Energy Sector

University Dedicated to Enabling Women to achieve greatness with Education and Innovation

Effat University, the leading non-profit private institution of higher education for women in Saudi Arabia, has announced its brand-new Masters of Science in Energy Program. This is the first such program of its kind in the Kingdom and is designed to provide students the skills they need to succeed in the professional fields of traditional and sustainable energy, two industries that are vital to the future of Saudi Arabia and fertile ground for the employment of educated energy professionals.

“Effat University was founded to educate young Saudi women and make them into leaders for the future of Saudi Arabia,” said Dr. Haifa Jamal Al Lail, President of Effat University. “By offering this new degree, we are preparing our students to take the reins in a cutting-edge field with an extremely bright future in the Kingdom.”

The Masters in Energy Program follows a theoretical, hands-on and interdisciplinary approach to the subject, combining social and economic aspects with scientific and technological perspectives. The aim of the program is to see its graduates follow any of a number of possible career paths that will lead to a bright and satisfying future working directly for energy concerns or consulting on the efficient and clean use of energy across numerous industrial sectors.

Those accepted into the program can choose one of two tracks. Petroleum Engineering offers a specialization in petroleum engineering practices, research, developments, regulations and policies. Alternatively, students can follow the Renewable Energy track, which allows them to specialize in and develop solutions for renewable energy technologies, such as solar, wind and biofuels, and energy conservation. Both tracks require two years of study and a thesis in order to graduate.

Prerequisites for entering the program include a BSc in Energy or Science or a comparable background. Also required are TOEFL or IELTS, and GRE or STEP tests among other requirements.

The MSc in Energy Program is one more example of Effat University’s striving to educate Saudi women to play practical and valuable roles in the growth and development of Saudi Arabia. “In line with Vision 2030 and the National Transformation Program 2020, Effat University believes in playing an active role in creating the right platform and providing an opportunity for ambitious and eager female students to realize their full potential and benefit from the continuous support offered by the Saudi Government and community at large,” concluded Dr. Haifa.

Registration is now open for both undergraduate and graduate programs. Students can visit the campus for detailed information about the different majors available and take the campus tour to get a feeling for the overall environment and education system at Effat University.   

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