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    •, Researcher, باحث
    •, Undergraduate, البكالوريوس
    •, Graduate, الدراسات العليا
Research Funds

​​​​Visiting Researchers

The initiative of visiting Researchers Program which through involving leading scientists and scholars from abroad in long-term academic research collaborations with Effat Faculty. Therefore, it has set up four multi-disciplinary research centers that bring together (international) researchers from different domains to build upon, synergize and extend valuable knowledge base to design and develop the future of Saudi Arabia. Visiting Fellows are expected to set up a working group in Effat University in consultation with the Research Chairs or Department Heads, and come to Effat University at least three or four times a year for several weeks to work with the group and be available for junior researchers. Whilst in Effat, Visiting Fellows also work on joint projects with other researchers, run courses, and other events in agreement with their host departments.

Sabbatical Leave System

The main objective of sabbatical leave is to provide Effat faculty with a change of atmosphere in order to pursue scholarly activities and to furnish a better environment for academic recuperation and rejuvenation.  Scholarly activities that are considered for sabbatical leave may include pursuing and extending some ongoing research, initiating research in new and diverse areas, working in industry in the area of research and development, gaining research-oriented experience or creating an architectural/engineering design or product, and, finally, writing a research-oriented book or monograph. During a sabbatical leave, the faculty member is expected to interact with academics and/or researchers at other institutions with the purpose of developing his/her expertise. The faculty member is also expected to contribute to the published literature in the field via reputable journals. In general, faculty members on sabbatical leave are encouraged to attend scientific meetings and conferences, and to present seminars at host institutions as well as nearby institutions. Check our Sabbatical Leave Research Quality and Evaluation Policy