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    •, Undergraduate, البكالوريوس
    •, Graduate, الدراسات العليا

​​​​As we stand at the threshold of a new academic year (2016-2017), I am pleased to welcome you to Effat University’s Deanship of Graduate Studies & Research (DGSR).
Being the University’s central point for research, graduate programs and executive education opportunities, DGSR is focal to the University’s mission of providing an interdisciplinary environment conducive to research, community service and life-long learning. Through the valuable research and graduate education opportunities the University provides, we aim at creating an intellectually-stimulating environment for learning and discovery.

I am especially excited this year to announce the launch of a new graduate degree in Energy Engineering as well as a PhD program in Business Administration, hence diversifying our offered graduate education opportunities and providing our students with challenging and inspiring education. With these new programs, female students can now fulfill their ambitions to specialize in emerging and topical fields such as petroleum engineering and renewable energy. These programs also offer our entire community of both students and researchers new possibilities for research and innovation in these exciting fields.

And what says ‘innovation’ better than inventive patents? We are immensely happy that Effat University was recently granted two patents. Presented by the US Patent & Trademark Office and registered under the name of  Dr. Mohammed Asmatullah Khan, Leader of the Biometrics & Sensor Systems Lab, one of the patents was given for a method of improving the detection of low-contrast and narrow-width vessels.
The University has also been home to academic conferences and research forums ranging across various disciplines and covering up-to-date themes. The annual Learning & Technology conference has been hosted for over a decade and is held this year in its 14th version. Other conferences cover exciting themes related to Islamic fin​ance, architecture and urban design, language and culture, among others.

We also remain greatly appreciative of our academic and industry partnerships as they open doors to collaboration and joint efforts in addressing unanswered questions and tapping into new realms of innovation and creativity.

Finally, I look forward to an exciting, new academic year marked by continued pursuits to create an innovative research culture that helps make an impactful, sustainable difference in our community and worldwide.