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      A researcher
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      An undergraduate
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SDME 2020 Tmam

Our Philosophy

Learning from cultural traditions, narratives, and contextual conditions are the guiding parameters of this house design. The team seeks to re-conceptualize the traditional family house to adapt to the changing patterns of life in the future.

The proposed design use an adaptable approach that salvage meaningful parts of the traditional architecture and merge them with advanced building forms flexible enough to long last for the future.


Our Decathletes

TMAM team is an interdisciplinary team of faculty and students from Effat University that represents a diverse array of expertise and talent. The members of the team cover areas such as architectural and environmental design, solar energy, wind energy, power and control systems, smart homes, information security, operation management, representing four colleges from Effat University:

  • Effat College of Architecture and Design,
  • Effat College of Engineering,
  • Effat College of Humanities, and
  • Effat College of Business

The academic team has partnered with organizations and professionals to collaborative​​ly reimagine the future of housing in the region.

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