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      A researcher
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      An undergraduate
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Biometrics Research Labs

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​​The study of biometric and sensor systems deals with aspects of image processing, security information retrieval, mathematical modelling, human physiology and cognitive science – making research in this field a truly multidisciplinary endeavor. Biometrics and sensor systems can enhance our quality of life while reducing our energy consumption by adapting all services.


Effat University's Biometrics and Sensors Systems Lab (BSSL) aims at becoming a pioneering research lab in the areas of machine learning, optimization, communications and signal processing, via addressing futuristic research directions that have a large gravity of societal and socioeconomic impacts on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Effat University's Biometrics and Sensors Systems Lab (BSSL) creates a vibrant community of researchers, professors, and students whose purpose is to tackle problems in machine learning, optimization, communications and signal processing so as to ultimately attain practical solutions, products, intellectual property, and enterprises with valuable societal impacts.


A number of top world universities are feeding into the research activities in the area of Biometrics and Sensor Systems such as Harvard University, California Institute of Technology, Ruhr-Universidad Bochum, British Columbia University, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), University of Toronto.