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Effat English Academy

Key Fact
  • Program name
    Effat English Academy
  • Program code
  • Dept. chair
    Dr. Pakenam Shiha
  • Program length
    1 year
  • Credit hours
    Foundation 1: 19 credit hours, Foundation 2: 19 credit hours

 Vision and Mission


The English Foundation Program aspires to be a leading center of excellence in providing high quality English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction.


The English Foundation Program provides high quality English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction. It develops the students' English language skills to eliminate linguistic barriers and promote intercultural understanding. The Program equips students with study skills, critical thinking, ethics and self-discipline necessary for future success.​​

 Educational Objectives

The English Foundation Program (EFP) aims to:

  1. Improve students' overall English language skills to meet the English Language requirements of Effat University.
  2. Develop students' study skills and critical thinking.
  3. Integrate students into university life by allowing them to participate fully in university activities such as sports, workshops and clubs.
  4. Provide individualized help and advice to students through the Enhancement Centers and the university counsellor.
  5. Assist students in becoming self-disciplined and responsible members of the university.
  6. Familiarize students with Effat University Code of Ethical Conduct.
  7. Familiarize upper level students with college courses.
  8. Develop students' information literacy and research skills and their ability to utilize the University Library and web resources. ​​​​

 Learning Outcomes

By completing the required level(s) for their admission into Effat University programs, the students will be able to: ​

  • Acquire all the lexis specified by the program, including an understanding of the multiple meanings of words;
  • Demonstrate a solid understanding of grammar;
  • Demonstrate a solid command of writing mechanics;
  • Read a broad range of texts including reports, articles, literary and academic texts;
  • Demonstrate comprehension of a broad range of texts in a variety of ways;
  • Write texts on a broad range of topics, demonstrating a command of grammar and vocabulary;
  • Demonstrate the ability to review texts and self-edit;
  • Extract information and details from speech on a range of topics at natural speed and from different accents;
  • Interact with others, taking an active part in discussions;
  • Present clear descriptions and explanations on a wide range of topics;
  • Conduct simple research projects;
  • Use technology to present and process information and conduct research;
  • Demonstrate basic leadership skills, responsibility and ethical behavior​
Contact Information
Dept. Chair
Tel.+966 122137761

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