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Translation in Time and Space, 2020

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​​​​​​​​The Department of English and Translation at Effat University invites the submission of papers for its Fifth Interdisciplinary Conference on Linguistics, Literature, and Translation (ICLLT)

Translation in Time and Space

الترجمة في الزمان والمكان

3rd December 2020​

Effat University, Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Aim of the Conference

The general aim of this online conference is to explore how translation and interpreting have the ability to cope with a rapidly changing world and to offer opportunities for global interaction that encapsulates time and space. This conference also aims to explore the latest advances in translation and interpreting studies, especially during global crisis, such as the current pandemic. The conference will provide an opportunity for translation and interpreting professionals to enhance their knowledge and skills in translation & interpreting by getting to know the innovative research and the latest industry practices and technologies in their respective fields.

Keynote Speaker

Omar Sheikh Al-Shabab

Sheikh Al-Shabab is a Professor of Text Linguistics and Translation Theory at the International University of Science and Technology in Damascus. He worked as the Supervisor of the Publication Unit, and Supervisor of the Research Unit at King Abdullah Institute for Translation and Arabization, and was a member of the Executive Council of the Translation, Authorship and Publication Centre at King Fahad University. Prof. Sheikh Al-Shabab’s recent publications include Linguistic Interpretation: The Interpretive Frame and First Person Domain and Text Constructs: A Hermeneutic Approach. He is currently working on a book entitled English: New Horizons in Linguistic Interpretation: The Translator’s Experience and Identity in Translating English Poetry into Arabic.​

Conference topics include, but are not limited to, the following list:

  • Changes in Translation in the past half century.
  • Translation as a practice
  • interpreting as a practice
  • Remote Interpreting, RI
  • Interpreting before booths
  • The changes in the Interpreter’s social and professional status over the course of a century
  • Translation & interpreting in the digital age and the future of translation
  • Developments in MT and computer-aided translation tools
  • Literary Machine translation
  • Advances in Community translation
  • Translation and localization
  • Translation as a form of cultural selection
  • Language/cultural issues in translation
  • Translators, publishers, and the translation market
  • Translation & interpreting projects in the Arab World
  • Adaptation in translation
  • Translation as process, product, and practice
  • Theoretical/practical approaches to translation
  • Specialized/non-specialized translation
  • Models and strategies of translation
  • The translator as writer, mediator, and communicator
  • Pragmatic translation
  • Professional translation & interpreting
  • Pseudo-translation
  • Community & conference interpreting
  • Ethics of interpreting & translation
  • Audiovisual subtitling & dubbing
  • Interpreting for the audio-visually impaired
  • Loss, gain, and compensation in translation
  • Literary Retranslations
  • Cultural identity and translation
  • Transculturalism and translation
  • Cyber linguistics, literature and translation
  • New approaches to teaching and learning translation​​