Aspire to Achieve

    •, A researcher, باحث
      A researcher
    •, An undergraduate, البكالوريوس
      An undergraduate
    •, A graduate, الدراسات العليا
      A graduate


​​​Keynote Speaker

Dr. Salma Abbasi is a technologist, philanthropist and social activist, with a proven track record as a visionary leader with dynamic drive and positive energy, she motivates both, professionals and the civil society. She is the CEO, eWorldwide Group, an international company focusing in development and security. A former Senior Vice President, Lucent Technologies, she has over 35 years' experience in the field of technology, innovation for sustainable development and policy development for economic empowerment.

Dr. Abbasi is a graduate of Civil Engineering (BSc), Electrical Engineering (MSc) and has her PhD in Information Communication Technologies (ICT). This diverse engineering background has given Dr. Abbasi a unique foundation to innovatively resolve complex problems at both the strategic and tactical levels, in the Public and Private Sectors around the World.​​


  • Dr. Mervat Chuman, Conference General Chair, Vice President for Planning and Development, Effat University
  • Dr. Tahar Tayachi, Conference Chair, Effat University
  • Dr. Malak Al-Nory, Provost, Effat University
  • Dr. Hylmun Izhar, Senior Economist, IRTI
  • Prof. Dr. Adel Sarea, Ahlia University, Bahrain
  • Rami Abdelkafi and Salim Refas, IRTI
  • Emira Arefa Aji, Asep Maulana, Zahro Ubaydilla and Imam Wahyudi Indrawan, Indonesia
  • Anil Kumar Pandey, USA
  • Suhail Ahmad, S. Ghiasul Haq and Tahar Tayachi, Pakistan
  • Yusuf Abdul-Jobbar, UK
  • Md. Faruk Abdullah and Uzairu Muhammad Gwadabe, Malaysia
  • Dr. Haifa Jamal Al-Lail, President of Effat University
  • Dr Salma Abbasi, United Kingdom
  • Prof. Dr. Saiful Azhar Rosly, INCEIF
  • Salama Lampatan, Turkey
  • Evi Aninatin Ni'Matul Choiriyah, Malaysia
  • Yoseph Alsawady, Mohamed Cherif El Amri and Mustafa Omar Mohammed, Turkey
  • Fady alisawi, Mohamed Cherif El-amri and Mustafa Omar Mohammed, Turkey
  • Kinan Salim, INCEIF Malaysia
  • Muhammad Mahees, Effat University
  • Dr. Dawood Ashraf, IRTI, IsDB
  • Elsadig Ahmed, Sudan
  • Ike Purnamasari and Salina Hj. Kassim, Malaysia
  • Aam Slamet Rusydiana and Aisyah Assalafiyah, Indonesia
  • Abubakar Abdulkadir and Dikko Bello, Nigeria
  • Firmansyah Shidiq Wardhana, INCEIF
  • Abu Ubaidah Kemin, Ahamed Kameel Mydin Meera and Muhammad Mahees, Malaysia
  • Prof. Ahmed BenSaida, Effat University
  • Asma Ben Salem, Ines Ben Abdelkader and Sameh Jouida, Tunisia
  •  Ilinka Anotva and Razali Haron, Bulgaria
  • Nour El-Shehry, Mohamed Cherif El Amri and Mustafa Omar Mohammed, Turkey
  • Hina Noor & Ismail Mohamed, INCEIF
  • Asst.Pro.D Bahadin Faqe Ahmed, Iraq
  • Zulfikar Hasan, Malaysia​
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