The 14th Learning and Technology (L&T) Conference, which is one of the first forums for Makerspace in Education to emerge in the region, surveys cutting-edge research on Makerspace technologies and learning technology. It provides a unique opportunity for researchers, practitioners, and policy-makers to explore the future of this industry. Among the many topics addressed are the significant innovations and challenges ahead, as well as what can be expected in future permutations of makerspace technologies.

Makerspaces are places where like-minded persons gather to work on personal projects, share tools and expertise as well as learn from each other. The driving principle of makerspaces is that users enjoy sharing tools, equipment, expertise and ideas rather than working by themselves in the garage or basement. 

Having a makerspace at an institute will give the students an inter-disciplinary creative place for students to work on bringing their ideas to fruition. This will strengthen their formal classroom learning, provide experiential learning, and foster their entrepreneurial thinking. It will also help them join the global knowledge-based economy.

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