Aspire to Achieve

    •, A researcher, باحث
      A researcher
    •, An undergraduate, البكالوريوس
      An undergraduate
    •, A graduate, الدراسات العليا
      A graduate

King Abdulaziz Quality Award

King Abdulaziz Quality AwardKing Abdel Aziz Quality Award has been developd by the Saudi Standard, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO)​ to promote competition through providing a general reference framework to evaluate the performance of establishments and develop them according to international standards of excellence"  Some of the sectors that were invited to compete included industries, educational institutions, and health care services, both of large and small sizes. In its third edition, SASO opened the do​or for private educational institutions to compete for this presigious award. Effat University applied for the award. Following a regirious process of auditing all the operations of the University by external review teams over two days at Effat Campus, and after reviewing all files and data presented and making interviews with top administrators, faculty  and staff to assess the level of quality of the academic offerings and adminsitrative support to them, Effat University was awarded the King Abdel Aziz Quality Award in 2015-2016. The award is valid for three years.