Aspire to Achieve

    •, A researcher, باحث
      A researcher
    •, An undergraduate, البكالوريوس
      An undergraduate
    •, A graduate, الدراسات العليا
      A graduate

Campus Profile

Campus Infrastructure

Effat Campus Area
Total Land Area80,922 sq. m (870,720.72 sq.ft.)
Total Land and Building Area132,527 sq. m 1,425,990.52 sq.ft.)

Academic Buildings

Academic Building Area Capacity
Effat College of Engineering9,943 sq. m. (106,971 sq.ft.)1591
Effat College of Business5,377 sq. m. (57,856 sq.ft.)1519
Effat College of Architecture and Design4, 645 sq. m. (49,980 sq.ft.)366
Effat College of Architecture and Design-26,594 sq. m. (70,951 sq.ft.)683

General Shared Facilities

General Shared Facilities Area Capacity
Effat Library and Cultural Museum6,986 sq. m (75,158 sq.ft.)800
Mosque 218 sq. m (2,345 sq.ft.)100
Effat Hall4,485 sq. m (48,251 sq.ft.)700
Restaurant 3,488 sq. m (37,525 sq.ft.)800
Residence (1) 10,761 sq. m (115,788.36 sq.ft.)77
Residence (2) 9,414 sq.m (101,280 sq. ft)119
Administration Building 1,695 sq. m (18,235 sq.ft.)85
Deanship of Student Affairs9,531 sq. m (102,538 sq.ft.)576
Deanship of Graduate Studies and Research748 sq. m (8,049 sq.ft)120
Admission and Registration6,047 sq. m (65,066 sq.ft)160
Maintenance 1,710 sq. m (18,400 sq.ft)14


Offices Area Number Capacity
Number of Single Offices – Administrative Staff1385.8 sq. m (ave: 8.2 sq.m)169 169
Number of Single Office – Faculty1140 sq. m (ave: 9.5 sq.m)162 162
Number of Shared Offices – Administrative Staff229.6 sq. m (ave: 16.4 sq.m)14 25
Number of Shared Offices – Faculty94 sq. m (ave:18.8 sq.m)5 12

Sport Facilities

Sports Facilities Area Capacity
Indoor Swimming Pool500 cubic meter / 25m x 12.5m
Indoor Gymnasium Size and Capacity150 sq meters25
Indoor Basketball Court Size and Capacity970 sq meters200
Indoor Jogging/Running Track Size70 meters per lap

Lecture Halls

Lecture Halls Area Number Capacity
Number of Classrooms2,704 sq. m (ave: 52 sq. m)52 1770
Number of Studios2,730 sq. m (ave: 70 sq. m)27 780
Number of General Computer Labs480 sq. m (ave: 60 sq. m)8 107
Number of Science Labs225 sq. m (ave: 75 sq. m)3 60
Multipurpose Halls 3,127 sq. m (ave: 450 sq. m)7 1580
Number of Specialized Labs/Studios2,485 sq. m (ave: 75.3 sq. m)40 854