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Water Conservation Program

​The intent of the Water Conservation Program at Effat University is to achieve a reduction in water consumption whilst maintaining reasonable comfort levels for building occupants. For this purpose, all newly installed plumbing fixtures have water-conservation systems, and water-saver fixtures or devices.
  1. Waste Water Treatment: Wastewater from the buildings must be coursed to the Sewage Treatment Plant in the maintenance area for irrigation purposes.
  2. Landscaping: The University gives preference to drought-tolerant plants when new or replacement plants and/or trees are required for landscaping. Large areas of grass consuming water must be avoided in favor of alternative plantings and landscaping techniques, whenever possible.
  3. Irrigation Systems:  Permanently installed irrigation systems are preferred for more efficient distribution of water throughout different hours of the day.
  4. Preventive Maintenance: Preventive maintenance procedures are, and should be, adopted to eliminate water loss through drips and leaks from pipe networks or equipment.
  5. New Construction: In new construction sites, water-efficiency standards as set forth by the local Codes and Regulations must be considered. Special consideration is given to the feasibility of condensate water collection for non-potable uses.
  6. Repairs: Repairs/replacement of equipment take into consideration the most cost-effective solutions for the life of the repair/equipment. Such consideration includes improvements to water efficiency.
  7. Benchmarking and Performance: Monthly consumption reports are generated to measure and benchmark performance. In addition, and on a yearly-basis, consumption is and must be aggregated in keeping with accepted industry practices. Benchmark consumption with other institutions of a similar size and capacity is a future objective.