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      A researcher
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Deanship for Quality Assurance

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​​​​​​​​​​Dear All,

It is important to know that Effat University, in its current fourth strategic plan (2017-2022), has embarked on a journey towards achieving excellence in intellectual contribution. The Deanship of Quality Assurance (DQA) fully supports this aspiration by fostering a culture of excellence in research that impacts learning, teaching and the wider community at large. In the last five years, this strong culture of excellence was reflected through the acquisition of national and international accreditation. Concerning national accreditation, Effat University achieved full-accreditation up to 2024, and 11 of its 13 bachelor programs achieved full accreditation up to 2020 (IS and ECE), 2022 (Effat College of Business) and 2024 (E&T, PSY, CS and ARCH). In 2019-2020, two of its master degrees (- Master of Science in Translation Studies (Now known as Master of Science in Translation and Interpreting) and Master of Science in Finance) also achieved national accreditation. Concerning international accreditation, the College of Engineering achieved ABET accreditation up to 2023. and the Bachelor of Science in Architecture achieved NAAB in 2019 and up to 2025.

Effat University also entered the QS Arab Ranking and was ranked as 81-90. In addition, the university’s distinct level of quality management has led it to win the prestigious King Abdul Aziz Award for Quality.

With stronger roots based in its Core Values and with a desire to innovate and excel nationally and internationally, Effat University aspires in the coming few years to achieve its educational goals, obtain international accreditation for the institution and programs, improve its ranking status and increase the quantity and quality of its research contributions. Thus, the university hopes to achieve higher levels of excellence for the ultimate aim of supporting its students, graduates, and faculty make a distinct mark on their own societies.

We are all proud to be part of this dynamic and quality-craving institution! 

Dr. Eman Mohamed
Dean of Quality Assurance​​