Aspire to Achieve

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      A researcher
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      An undergraduate
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      A graduate

Architecture Department (ARCH)​

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  1. Provide a professional learning and research environment that corresponds to the ‎Architecture department mission and vision and track the progress of their achievement to ‎guarantee the attainment of its strategic goals.‎
  2. Provide a professional, encouraging and productive atmosphere that runs within the ‎approved governance model to guarantee the efficient performance of the set organizational ‎structure and attain the local and international accreditation of the programs included in the department.
  3. Provide state of the art facilities, equipment, learning, teaching and research resources to ‎meet international standards of excellence, promote creativity and align to the global transformation ‎in architectural and related disciplines.‎
  4. Create diverse, collaborative and inclusive learning and social environment to attract and ‎retain innovative and creative students, and highly qualified graduates.
  5. Recruit highly qualified and motivated faculty and researchers, to create a vibrant, ‎innovative and interactive learning, teaching and research environment that aligns with the Saudi ‎vision.‎
  6. Update and enhance learning and research resources to match global standards of ‎excellence in terms of new technologies.‎
  7. Contribute to the advancements of architecture and the related disciplines knowledge and ‎practices through research with environmental and socio-economic impacts in alignment with Saudi ‎Vision 2030.‎
  8. Develop partnerships and collaborations with national/international institutions and ‎organizations to broaden and enrich the pedagogical and research environment and expand the ‎impact of the department in community engagement and professional consultancy.‎​

Academic Programs:


    Name Email Phone Position
    Dr. Asmaa 122137910Professor &Dean of ECoAD &Acting Chair of ARCH &Director of MSAU
    Dr. Mady A. 122137550Professor & Dean for Deanship of Graduate Studies & Research
    Dr. Abeer Samy Y. Mohamed 122137914Professor
    Dr. Mohammed 122137913Professor
    Dr. Mohamad 122137742Professor
    Dr. Tarek M. 122137922Professor
    Dr. Ahmed M. 122137935Assistant Professor
    Dr. Ibrahim S. 122137929Assistant Professor
    Dr. Mazen M. 122137916Assistant Professor
    Ms. Maya 122137930Lecturer
    Ms. Lama 122137939Architecture Assistant