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      A researcher
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Deanship of Admissions and Registration

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​The Deanship for Admissions and Registration thrives on a student-centered environment thus strives to provide comprehensive and excellent services to students by combining the most advanced technological resources and a team of highly trained and sensitive professionals in a welcoming and supportive environment that values diversity and multiculturalism, mutual respect, outstanding customer service, efficiency and accuracy. ​


​To achieve optimum utilization of the university’s capacity as well as a degree of optimum fluency and flexibility in all procedures related to student recruitment and retention, admissions, registration, and records through utilization of modern technologies.​


  1. ​Develop effective recruitment strategies that would ultimately lead to deepening its presence and graduating generations would impact the socio-economic stance and enrich cultural diversity. 
  2. Ensure a proactive leadership and dynamic work environment through engaging DAR employees in decision making loops.
  3. Support the University national and international accreditation through automating registration processes and continuous improvement of quality
  4. Efficiently manage the admission, registration and scheduling processes to ensure delivery of the University’s curriculum in accordance with its policies and regulations to ensure close monitoring of student progress
  5. Same as DAR is a co-owner of Standard 5
  6. upport a dynamic learning environment by providing accurate and timely information and monitoring of students’ academic progress
  7. Expand and optimize student support services through acquisition of up-to-date technology and integration of automation of admissions and registration processes.
  8. To support the University’s efforts in maintaining and enhancing its overall financial strength.
  9. Recruit and retain highly qualified and knowledgeable staff able to support DAR’s strategic goals effectively through identifying areas of competency and nurturing skills.​
  10. Support fostering a vibrant, successful and interactive research community through increasing the quantity and quality of undergraduate and graduate students that possess research abilities and capabilities
  11. Support the University’s efforts to develop long term national and international productive partnerships through student exchange and study abroad programs, and engaging parents and potential employers, and collaboration with schools and universities.​


Please check the full services of Admissions and Registration​


    Name Email Phone Position
    Dr. Amani 122137501Assistant Professor & Dean of DAR & Acting Dean for DSA
    Ms. Nesreen Al- 122137508Enrolment Management Assistant Director
    Ms. Mawahp 122137504Admission Officer
    Ms. Wejdan T. 122137950Scholarship & Financial Aid Officer
    Ms. Shahd 122137507Student Recruitment Assistant