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Deanship for Student Affairs

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  • ​​​To develop and support every student toward an engaging transformative university experience that shapes their understanding of self, community, and leads to contribute to the betterment of our society and world.
  • ​​Student Affairs makes meaningful contributions to society through building student graduate character, competence, and integrity.
  • Student Affairs is integral to the rich and vibrant Effat University student experience, challenging and empowering students to succeed as productive citizens and leaders in a diverse global community.
  • To be the forefront in attracting and retaining a diverse student body and continue graduating change agents by providing a transformative learning experience designed to help graduates create future opportunities as ambassadors of Queen Effat’s legacy.
  • ​Committed to graduating change agents by providing a transformative learning experience leading them to become efficient and outstanding ambassadors of Queen Effat’s legacy continuing to create valuable opportunities for locally and internationally.


  1. ​Strive to assist Effat University to be recognized nationally and internationally with the best student affairs’ operations who create opportunities and a respectful environment for personal, professional and social pathways to growth.
  2. Nourish a positive organizational climate and productive study environment by promoting student governance bodies, and leadership principles.
  3. Support the university to maintain national and international accreditation and achieving international accreditation from EAP.
  4. Support the innovative, distinctive of high quality education, and provide professional and career support and services, which inspires the students’ learning and knowledge for growth and development.
  5. To be the forefront in attracting and retaining a diverse body of students and continue graduating agent of change by providing a transformative learning experience designed to help graduate entrepreneurs who will create future opportunities and be ambassador of Queen Effat legacy.
  6. Provide students with access to interactive knowledge of state-of-the-art learning resources with guidance to understand, navigate, and utilize available resources.
  7. Maintain and optimize an efficient use of the available modern and sustainable working and learning resources.
  8. Build financial sustainability through efficient and effective use of current resources, increased generation of revenues, and fundraising.
  9. Educate and support students and recent graduates on wise career decisions, professional development, and ultimately to accomplish their life goals. 
  10. Effectively support students’ research, exploration, by assuring an inclusive campus environment, developing needed skills and character, and promoting an interactive research community.
  11. Support students’ sustainable engagement with the community, both nationally and internationally, and increase the greater community’s awareness of Effat’s impact and its role locally, regionally, and globally.​


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    Name Email Phone Position
    Areej M. Life Assistant Manager
    Dr. Amani 122137501Assistant Professor & Dean of DAR & Acting Dean for DSA
    Dr. Sarah 122137667Medical Doctor & Coordinator of Effat Women’s Wellbeing Center
    Ms. Ruba N. 122137530Counselor
    Ms. Baiann A. 122137529, Mobile:+966500595083Student Life Assistant Manager
    Ms. Meaad A. 122137528Career Development Office Assistant