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Electrical and Computer Engineering

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​There is a growing need for female engineers with a strong educational background in electrical and computer engineering. The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) at Effat University offers this as a Bachelor of Science Degree. As a student on the ECE Program you will be introduced to topics central to the computer-engineering field, such as computer-hardware design, computer networks and software engineering. Electrical engineering, communications and signal processing, microelectronics and integrated circuits, wireless communications, microwave electronics, computer-aided design, and control systems will also be examined.
Due to the domination of communication, modern electronics, information processing, and the internet, electrical and computer engineers are able to influence all facets of modern life. They apply hardware and/or software skills to the design and development of modern systems. They require a strong foundation in mathematics and the basic sciences. The ECE curriculum provides students with the skills they will need to develop professionally.


The Electrical and Computer Engineering Department will be recognized for its outstanding undergraduate teaching and outreach programs, and for the quality and integrity of its graduates and faculty.


The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering will continue to lead in educating qualified engineers who combine the highest level of technical competence with creativity, innovation and leadership skills necessary for contributing to technological advancements locally and globally.
  1. Enhance Effat University’s recognition and complement the Saudi 2030 vision through educating electrical and computer engineers to become pioneers in contributing to technological, economic and social advances.
  2. Foster an intellectually challenging, enlightened, and collaborative learning/ work environment that enjoys excellence, transparency and integrity.
  3. Seek to achieve top program-wise ranking, thereby strengthening the University’s local and global standing.
  4. Provide students with an exceptional educational experience with a focus on academic excellence, innovation in design and technology.
  5. Establish the ECE department to be at the forefront of attracting and attaining an exceptional, diverse body of students and transform them into role models for future generations of engineers by cultivating an environment that supports effective knowledge exchange.
  6. Expand and optimize the use of educational resources to ensure a dynamic learning environment in both teaching and research.
  7. Provide and sustain state of the art facilities that enhance students’ hands-on and design experience with a self-sufficient and expandable academic infrastructure.
  8. Maintain and enhance overall financial strength by effective and efficient planning and execution of all financial aspects of the department.
  9. Recruit and retain diverse, highly qualified faculty and staff by providing support in professional development opportunities and maintaining a healthy, positive work environment.
  10. Foster collaborative high quality applied research among faculty, graduate and undergraduate students with industrial and academic partners as well as national and international institutions.
  11. Build national and international long term productive partnerships and collaborations with industry and academic institutions and develop outreach programs to strengthen our relationship with the community.​
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