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Effat Library and Cultural Museum

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Effat Library & Cultural Museum aims to be a dynamic and innovative center recognized for its bold academic and intellectual programs, outstanding information access and collections, innovative services and expertise, and scholarly and cultural exchange.


Effat Library & Cultural Museum is committed to delivery of a quality physical and digital resources and services critical to progressive education, intellectual engagement, and innovative research. It aspires to promote a culture of broad inquiry, creativity and discovery, exchange of ideas, art and culture and engagement with the current intellectual and cultural developments.


  1. ​Maximize the presence, visibility and impact of Effat University through pursuing external collaborations and interdisciplinary partnerships that embrace our role as a university library, a community cultural museum and center for research.

  2. Foster a positive organizational culture that values collaborative work, diversity, and multidisciplinary learning and discovery while providing participatory leadership and effective governance.​

  3. Providing responsive services to our users and effective access to the collections while complying to the requirements set forth by national and international accrediting bodies, and benchmarking with other leading academic libraries.

  4. Partnering with faculty to integrate library resources within the scholarly process of teaching and learning to nurture students intellectual and broad inquiry skills to become self-reliant in their information seeking endeavors.

  5. Transform library and museum intellectual spaces to stimulate students’ experiential learning opportunities and further foster a vibrant atmosphere of holistic learning and life experience

  6. Cultivate broad inquiry and dynamic learning environment that foster creativity among students, faculty, staff and external community through state of-the-art learning and information resources and services.

  7. Develop a comprehensive and robust knowledge infrastructure – content and technologies that advances research and learning and further invest in content resources aligned with University academic priorities and research aspirations.

  8. Contribute to the financial strength of the university through external memberships, endowments and community activities.

  9. Recruit, develop and retain diverse and competent staff with expertise that provides specialized services to make the library a place of enlightenment. 

  10. Advance Effat University’s research plan and support researchers through providing quality resources, innovative services to enhance research of individual disciplines and to facilitate multi- disciplinary connections among researchers.

  11. Promoting Effat’s educational and cultural capacities and its sustainable engagement with the community by providing access to its resources, services, and expertise, while advancing partnerships with community organizations through mutually beneficial outreach programs and exhibitions for diverse audiences.​


Effat Library & Cultural Museum (EL&CM) offers a stimulating physical environment, cutting-edge technologies, and proactive patron services to Effat students, faculty, staff and external community. EL&CM has over 30,000 volumes in English, Arabic and other languages. The collection also includes rare volumes from the original Dar Al Hanan Library, established by Queen Effat in the 1950s. The collections are available for​ onsite use as well as for external borrowing. In addition to print resources, the library subscribes to a wide range of academic data bases relevant to the programs offered by Effat University, such as ProQuest and EBSCOhost databases; full-text journals from ACM, IEEE, ScienceDirect; eBooks from eBook Central, Safari Books Online; and references from Gale Virtual Reference Library, CREDO, etc. Through these subscriptions, patrons have access to over 350,000 digital scholarly materials.  All digital resources are easily available from any computer connected to the campus network as well as off campus, via VPN (Virtual Private Network) services run by the university's IT services unit. KOHA (Integrated Library System), the Library's Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) and Summon library search engine are user-friendly search tools that enrich the search experience and enable users to find all kinds of information resources easily. Reference service and information literacy workshops help all patrons find the information they need by answering questions, identifying and interpreting user needs, providing advice by telephone or email, and assisting patrons in material selection. Training on optimal use of digital resources is also provided. Furthermore, patrons can borrow Kindle eReaders, iPads and laptops from the library. The library also offers ergonomic furniture, workstations and individual or group quiet-study rooms. In addition to the main library, the Sharbatly Digital Library within the EL&CM offers a quiet and relaxed space for all users.​

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    Name Email Phone Position
    Dr. Ayman S. 122137680Director of Effat Library & Cultural Museum
    Mr. Anes 122137683System Services Manager
    Ms. Manal M. 122137684Librarian Assistant