Aspire to Achieve

    •, A researcher, باحث
      A researcher
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      An undergraduate
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      A graduate

General Education Department (GED)

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The General Education Program seeks to acquire a place of preeminence in promoting the true spirit of Liberal Arts Education (LAE), research, intercultural communication and community engagement.  ​


The General Education Program creates a vibrant environment for academic excellence, societal relevance and global awareness through imparting Liberal Arts Education, disseminating high quality research and advancing the best of citizenship traits among the students and the community at large. 


  1. Achieve the General Education Program’s mission as a liberal arts provider and enhance its national and international presence through deepening its partnership with local and global communities.
  2. Develop an efficient and transparent working environment through effective leadership of the General Education Department.
  3. Adhere to the Liberal Arts Education (LAE) principles in providing excellent curricular and extra-curricular activities through a variety of educational resources and services.
  4. Promote students’ ethical, moral and civic contributions towards their immediate and distant contexts.
  5. Recruit and retain qualified faculty and staff and create a vibrant environment conducive to professional growth and development
  6. Offer technological support and other required facilities in order to optimize the General Education Department’s functioning through an efficient management of its budget.
  7. Strengthen research culture and scholarship and encourage faculty and students to increase their research output.
  8. Enhance relationships and interactions with local and global communities through projects and joint activities.

General Education Program

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Team ​​​​​

    Name Email Phone Position
    Dr. Khadija 122137949Assistant Professor & Chair of General Education Program
    Dr. Ali 122137955Associate Professor
    Dr. Mohammed 122137953Associate Professor
    Dr. Mohammad 122137956Assistant Professor
    Dr. Sena 122137997Assistant Professor
    Dr. Ayman S. 122137680Director of Effat Library & Cultural Museum
    Ms. Friederike 122137951German Instructor