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Management of Facilities & Equipment

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The Management of Facility & Equipment unit is an innovative team of professionals recognized for excellence in facilities management​​


​​To support Effat in becoming a world class research university through efficient and environmentally sustainable management and operation of the University’s Information Technology and Facilities while ensuring  safe and attractive campus facilities, effective service delivery, good value, and professional ethics.


  1. ​​Provide State of the Art facilities, advanced technologies, and services of national and international standards in education, research, and community services.
  2. Ensuring a healthy, safe, and productive workplace that fosters a positive organizational climate. 
  3. Comply with national and international standards of quality and environmental regulatory bodies, to further enhance the quality of workplace with regards to facilities, Information and Educational Technologies, and services. 
  4. Support high quality and innovative education through adequate facilities, reliable technology solutions, and outstanding services. 
  5. Ensuring welcoming and attractive extra-curricular facilities, technology resources, and high quality services to foster an engaging students leading and life experience. 
  6. Support Effat’s dynamic environment for learning and creativity by ensuring high quality facilities and technology solutions. 
  7. Provide a sustainable working and learning environment through optimized operation management of the University’s information technology and facilities while ensuring safe and attractive campus facilities, effective service delivery, and professional ethics that meets the university’s evolving needs and future growth. 
  8. Support Effat University’s in acquiring competitive position through high resources utilization, effective waste management, cost saving and generation of income. 
  9. Support the recruitment and retention of diverse and competent faculty and staff through customized professional development, optimized technology resources, adequate facilities, and effective services. 
  10. Support Effat’s innovative research through adequately specialized facilities and equipment, reliable technology infrastructure, and effective services.
  11. Strengthen Effat’s community relation and media presence both nationally and internationally through responsive information technology systems. ​


The Facility & Equipment Unit is committed to support the overall mission and values of university as an institution for teaching and research, maximizing a healthy, safe, pleasant and functional campus.

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    Name Email Phone Position
    Ms. Moodi Al 122137700Director General for the MIETS and Facility & Equipment