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Management of Finance


The Management of Finance division aims to be a model business partner that sustains Effat’s leading position in quality education, innovative research, entrepreneurship and social engagement. The division endeavours to be known among the top university business divisions of the world for its delivery of quality support and sound management of finance, institutional productivity and sustainability​


We are committed to supporting the University by providing rigorous frameworks, timely and accurate data, and sound analysis of University-wide academic and financial information. In this manner we strive to protect university assets, ensure compliance with national and international standards, and deliver quality service to our stakeholders while serving as a strategic partner and advisor to University leadership on the availability, allocation and diversification of financial resources towards effectively fulfilling the mission of the University and assisting its constituents in financial planning, budgeting, and decision-making​


  1. Support the University by providing:
    • Timely and accurate data.
    • Analysis of University-wide academic and financial information while protecting university assets, insuring compliance with national and international standards.
    • Delivery of quality services to our stakeholders.
    • Advising University leadership on the availability, allocation and diversification of financial resources to ensure effective fulfilment of University mission and assistance in financial planning, budgeting, and decision-making.
  2. Encourage a self-motivated work environment by ensuring:
    • Fiscal integrity in everything we do.
    • Transparent documented Governance, through regular update, review and spreading of awareness of Management of Finance Policy & Procedures Manual.
    • Involvement of all the key members on decision making.
    • Promote the culture of excellence that adherence to quality standards.
  3. Encourage a self-motivated work environment by ensuring:
    • Secure sufficient fund to continue on the collaborative Agreements with the international universities.
    • Advance and promote a clear Quality Assurance System for the Management of Finance, by following best up-to-date practices in finance and accounting for non-profit organizations.
  4. Support high quality education by:
    • Developing plans with advancement office to support current and future academic program’s expansion needs.
    • Secure sufficient fund to support high quality of education.
  5. Demonstrating Excellence in:
    • Student financial customer services, demonstrating agility and adapting quickly to changing needs while providing direction and value in all student financial services.
    • Scholarship and financial aid by working closely with Scholarship and financial aid office and advancement office to raise and solicit funds.
    • Providing the financial resources that support applicable quality of learning resources.
    • Review and analyse all university property and space to help us understand current usage, on-going maintenance costs, and opportunities for consolidation, and continue supporting the advancement office in its fund raising plans for the master campus expansion.
    • Support the university’s financial independence through achieving the financial sustainability via:
    • Diversifications of income sources.
    • Sufficient Cost Controlling Systems.
    • Establishing and growing an Endowment.
    • Support, and recognize our employees in their pursuit of certifications and continuous learning through an ongoing professional development program.
    • Allocating a budget to recruit the highest calibers in higher education and research.
    • Stipulate the financial resources that support research and scholarly activity in collaboration with the RCI unit.
    • Support scholarly researchers in planning and managing their finances managing by providing the accurate timely financial reports.
    • Collaborate within the division and with academic and administrative units to implement enterprise wide initiatives in order to support Effat community and outside communities, while insuring appropriate funds are stipulated for community service.


    Name Email Phone Position
    Ms. Shatha Edrees, CMT, 122328050Director General
    Ms. Mai 122328041Budgeting Executive Manager
    Ms. Taghreed 122328042Students Financial Services Executive Manager
    Ms. Huda 122328043Accountant Manager
    Ms. Rabab 122328051Purchasing Officer
    Ms. Eman A. 122328045Assistant Accountant
    Ms. Khloud H. 122328052Assistant Accountant
    Ms. Nada 122138047Accountant Assistant
    Ms. Muruj A. 122328046Accountant Assistant