Aspire to Achieve

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      A researcher
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      An undergraduate
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      A graduate

Office of the Provost


Aspire to be recognized as the leader in providing world class educational programs within an atmosphere forged on academic excellence that prepares the future national and global leaders


To Promote and support academic excellence by providing exceptional and unique value-based educational programs which nurture students’  intellectual, spiritual, and social development to become effective global citizen with entrepreneurial mindset


  1. ​​​​Enhance Effat University/s national and international recognition  by promoting and disseminating students and faculty academic achievements 

  2. Foster collaborative learning environment and positive culture through leadership mentoring and effective learning communities

  3. Sustain academic excellence by acquiring and maintaining national accreditation and seeking international accreditation.

  4. Provide an innovative, distinctive, and high quality education, which inspires the students’ broad inquiry, intellectual engagement, and service and makes Effat University widely known for its excellence in all its distinctive academic activities.

  5. Integrate extra and co-curricular activities and programs to ensure the social and personal development of an individual student to become effective global citizen with entrepreneurial mindset

  6. Foster technology based educational environment by incorporating and integrating state-of-the-arts e-learning platforms in all programs

  7. Make an efficient use of the available facilities and technology

  8. Contribute to the University’s financial strength by establishing academic consultancy projects in program review, curriculum development, teaching and learning techniques, and assurance of learning outcomes techniques

  9. Recruit outstanding faculty members and sustain and support their professional and scholarly development

  10. Support and encourage students and faculty to produce high quality research

  11. Promote collaboration and cooperation with national and international partners and foster long term and productive relationship​


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    Name Email Phone Position
    Dr. Mervat 122137600Assistant Professor & Provost
    Ms. Mashael Al- 122137601Assistant Director
    Ms. Wafa O. 122137708Application Assistant
    Ms. Nouf E. 122137603Provost Office Coordinator
    Ms. Saly A. 122137604Assistant