Aspire to Achieve

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      A researcher
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      An undergraduate
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      A graduate

Effat Vision, Mission, and Goals

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Strategic Plan Theme (2022-2027)
Innovation and Digital Transformation​


Effat University strives to be recognized among the world's higher educational institutions contributing to scientific discovery and innovation presenting solutions to societal challenges and serving as an agent of change that advances inspired leaders and scholars in fulfilling Queen Effat Al-Thunayan Al-Saud's vision.


Effat University prepares aspirational and effective leaders of international quality who contribute to national and global progress by interweaving Effat University Core Values into an innovative education which creates a culture of broad inquiry, intellectual engagement, and valuable societal impact.


  1. Monitor the achievement of Effat University's mission and vision in line with the Saudi Vision 2030. 
  2. Enhance the governance system to support institutional and program accreditations as well as national and international rankings. 
  3. Develop and maintain a culture of excellence in teaching and learning to make Effat University an icon of excellence in higher education. 
  4. Enhance the university students' quality of life to prepare experts and leaders that uphold the legacy of Queen Effat (God rest her soul). 
  5. Foster a culture of innovation in the University’s work environment to make it a place of choice for the best faculty and staff. 
  6. Provide highly effective shared services to create sustainable learning and working environment that meet the university needs and future growth. 
  7. Build a knowledge community that generates creative ideas and innovations to meet future challenges and contribute to the achievement of Saudi Vision 2030. 
  8. Strengthen the University’s visibility by building relations and exchanging knowledge with communities nationally and internationally. Offering consultancy services.