Aspire to Achieve

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      A researcher
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      An undergraduate
    •, A graduate, الدراسات العليا
      A graduate

Effat English Academy

Key Fact
  • Program name
    Effat English Academy
  • Program code
  • Dept. chair
    Dr. Pakenam Shiha
  • Program length
    1 year
  • Credit hours
    Foundation 1: 19 credit hours / Foundation 2: 19 credit hours

 About the Program


To be a leading center of excellence in enhancing the students’ English language skills.


Effat English Academy equips students with linguistic competence and study skills by offering English language and academic preparation courses that bridge the gap between secondary and higher education.

 Learning Outcomes


      • Identify parts of a lecture.

      • Identify parts of a reading text.

      • Distinguish between direct and subtle information in a text.

      • Read and comprehend texts for main ideas and details.

      • Distinguish between direct and subtle speech.

      • Understand function and use of transitions.

      • Identify different verb tenses and clauses.

      • Read and comprehend academic texts and extensive reading material.

      • Notice the different meanings of an English word.

      • Become familiar with the use of idioms, clichés, and comparative phrases

      • Listen for main ideas and specific information.

      • Distinguish between vowel sounds and stress pattern.

      • Identify syllable stress.

      • Broaden vocabulary.

      • Identify topic sentences and main ideas.

      • Understand basic terminology use in mathematics.

      • Understand the basic arithmetic operators.

      • Understand the concepts graphs and slope.

      • Understand basic terminology use in Physics.

      • Understand the basic Suffix and S.I. units.

      • Understand the concept of speed, distance and acceleration.

      • Understand the concept of electric appliances, concept of light and waves.

      • Understand basic terminology use in mathematics.

      • Understand the basic arithmetic operators.

      • Understand the concept of ratio, proportion, and percentages.

      • Understand a graph.

      • Understand basic terms when analysing a text in LANG courses and College Major courses


    • Write simple, compound and complex sentences
    • Use transitions correctly.
    • Write different types of well-organised paragraphs.
    • Write different types of well-organised 5-paragraph essays (compare and contrast, cause and effect, persuasive and rgumentative.)
    • Use memory tools to facilitate learning and performance.
    • Manage time effectively to complete a project.
    • Use effective study skills to prepare for an exam.
    • Use critical thinking skills (scan and skim, infer and predict, analyse, compare and contrast.)
    • Produce grammatically correct language during interaction with others.
    • Solve arithmetic operations.
    • Apply the concepts of ratio, proportion, and percentages in real-world problems.
    • Draw an equation.
    • Use basic concepts and terminology taught in the College Major courses.
    • Use critical thinking skills in various texts pertaining to College-major courses.

    Communication, IT, and Numerical Skills

      • Use the CALL lab software.
      • Use MS Word to complete project work.
      • Use the Internet for searching.
      • Use PowerPoint in presentations.
  • Interpersonal Skills and Responsibility

    • Participate in group discussions.
    • Work on projects.
    • Function effectively in teams (participate in in-class pair work and group work activities).
    • Deal effectively with classmates from diverse social and
    • Deliver effective individual and group presentations.
    • Acquire leadership

Contact Information
Dept. Chair
Tel.+966 122137761

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