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Executive and Professional Education

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​OVERVIEW​ OF​
Princess Albandari Bint AbdulRahman Alfaisal Higher Institute for Training (PACE_HIT) 

The establishment of providing the training programs through the Extension Programs Unit, coincided with the founding of the university (Effat College) in 1999 AD. At that time, the unit's services were limited to providing a number of professional certificates such as Cisco certificates for computer networking in coordination with Microsoft and some short-term training programs such as technology for women low-income families (Women in Technology) in coordination with the American Consulate. Agreements were also concluded with the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs to train some sons and daughters of low-income families, in addition to the developmental courses proposed by the unit for community institutions upon request. Our mastery in presenting these programs and courses has contributed to gaining the trust of individuals and various community institutions and establishing and even consolidating many relationships with national and international community institutions. As a result, the External Programs Unit received a number of requests for training and developmental programs, which required the administrative restructuring of the unit in 2007 to become the Institute for Executive Studies and Community Service. As a result, the training programs and community services provided by the Institute expanded, which included volunteer services, consultancy services, participation in national and international events and exhibitions, and hosting some of these community events and activities on campus.

With the launch of the Kingdom's Vision 2030, which relied on three basic pillars: a vibrant society, a prosperous economy, and an ambitious nation, and its third goal focused on enabling social responsibility, the Ministry of Education in 2021 AD launched the initiative to institutionalize social responsibility in Saudi universities to activate the role of the third function of Saudi universities in serving society. And contribute to achieving this goal in a sustainable institutional manner. The leadership of Her Royal Highness Princess Al Bandari bint Abdul Rahman Al Faisal - may God have mercy on her - in community work was a source of inspiration from which Effat University derived the vision and mission of the university in restructuring the Executive Studies and Community Service Institute to become the center of Her Royal Highness Princess Al Bandari bint Abdul Rahman Al Faisal - may God have mercy on her - For community partnership in honor of its leadership of social responsibility in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the Her Royal Highness Princess Al-Bandari bint Abdul Rahman Al-Faisal - may God have mercy on her - Higher Institute for Training becomes the private training platform for the Center of Civic Engagement.

This higher institute for training provides programs with different degrees and high-quality professional certificates aligned with the modern teaching modes to provide the skills needed by the labor market in the twenty-first century. The programs target different segments of the professional community to address the problem of unemployment and contribute to the employment of successive generations of young people and achieve their sustainable social impact. It relies on achieving this through its national and international cooperation with governmental and non-governmental institutions locally and globally. The Institute, in cooperation with specialized national and international academic and professional institutions, offers (10) ten programs with the associate diploma degree, including (1) Associate diploma in artificial intelligence, (2) Associate diploma in cybersecurity, (3) Associate diploma in computer networking, and ( 4) Associate diploma in programming & computing, (5) Associate diploma in graphic design, (6) Associate diploma in interior decoration and furniture, (7) Associate diploma in accounting and financial auditing, and (8) Associate diploma in Arabic language for non-native speakers, (9) Associate diploma in French language and its civilization, and (10) Associate diploma in English language and its civilization. It also offers developmental courses in several fields, including (1) A development course in photography, (2) A development course in Solidworks, (3) A development course in Green Belt Certification (Sigma 6), and (4) A development course in subtitling. This is in addition to other developmental courses offered by the Institute in cooperation with well-known institutes such as the Project Management Institute (PMI), the Cisco Networking Academy, the Henry Ford Entrepreneurship Academy and Foundation, and the Saudi Society for Culture and Arts. The Institute also offers courses and programs specifically designed to meet the needs of various government agencies and private sector.


The Institute aspires to become a center of excellence for technical, vocational, and entrepreneurial training in Saudi Arabia and worldwide.​


In alignment with the Kingdom's 2030 Vision, the Institute strives to excel in providing training services for individuals and institutions by the best professional experts using modern teaching methods to serve the future competitive labor market and elevate its position amongst vocational institutions.

​Executive and Professional Education

Princess Albandari Bint AbdulRahman Alfaisal Higher Institute for Training (PACE_HIT) offers the executive and professional education that help develop and enhance executives, middle management and early career professionals with all professional learning activities. PACE-HIT is built on a holistic approach towards the enhancement of proficiency throughout a professional's career of all employees.  It is committed to ongoing lifelong learning, identifying opportunities to learn something new, refresh existing knowledge, improve skills, or simply keep up-to-date with the latest developments within a particular profession or industry.  In practice, PACE-HIT can mean everything from taking a training course or attending an educational module, to studying for new qualifications or learning new aspects of a job.   All learning activities is designed to an ongoing process of frequently improving skills and competencies to enhance workplace performance and future career prospects.  It offers is a powerful learning platform that professionals from across all industries can apply to improving skills and developing their knowledge.  It guarantees the engagements of the executive and professional educational in different activities that ensures both academic and practical qualifications do not become outdated or obsolete, but allows for individuals to continually 'up skill' or 're-skill' themselves regardless of their occupation, age or educational level.​

All degrees and learning courses are listed in the following pages:

Associate Diplomas

  1. Associate Diploma in in Programming and Computing
  2. Associate Diploma in Cybersecurity
  3. Associate Diploma in Artificial Intelligence
  4. Associate Diploma in Networking
  5. Associate Diploma in Graphic Design
  6. Associate Diploma in Interior Decoration and Furniture​
  7. Associate Diploma in Accounting and Financial Auditing
  8. Associate Diploma in Arabic for Non-Native Speakers
  9. Associate Diploma in English Language and Civilization
  10. Associate Diploma in French Language and Civilization​

Developmental Courses

  1. Developmental course in Photography
  2. Developmental Course in SolidWorks
  3. Developmental course in Lean Six-Sigma Green Belt
  4. Developmental course in subtitling



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